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LADIES, LADIES, LADIES, PLEASE, don't ever stop having fun!!  And fashion is such a great medium for fun. In the Summer and early Fall it's a great time to mix and match colors that you might not do ordinarily.  Not only can you color block but you can play with shades and tones.  

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This Max Mara off the shoulder top is a great example of how to have fun with colors. Most women, including myself, would probably not think to mix green with yellow, orange, black, cream and peach. But all of these colors, except for the black, are warmer tones. So what a great surprise to see all of these bold colors work together.  If this isn't a fun shirt, then send a photo of something you find fun, and let's see.

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The little clutch by Bottega Veneta is also a fun surprise.  Again adding a new warm color, apricot, gives another little kick to this outfit. White or black pants could be worn with this ensemble.  The black, however, grounds it a bit, so it still has some sophistication. The black strappy sandals, also add another great surprise and touch of sophistication.

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The slacks are not jeans.  They are by Lafayette 148 New York and are more comfortable than jeans.  In the summer, I prefer to wear 100% cotton more than denim. These great sandals are the last great year of DKNY. Donna Karan had a great big store on Madison Avenue in New York. In late August and early September, they would have an amazing sale where things were practically given away.  These sandals were $36.00, no lie. Then, unfortunately, LVMH bought DKNY where Donna stayed on as consultant.  Due to differences in opinions, however, Donna left her eponymous line.  LVMH just recently sold it to another conglomerate. What great memories DKNY evokes.  In the '80's, I was a lawyer, she was one of the first designers to create fashionable clothing for work. Before that we wore white shirts with little bow ties. UGGGHHH.

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  Another big surprise. The colors in the background are in the cooler shades. Yet, the blouse still looks good. Now how much fun is that?  If you need help knowing your colors, contact me, and I have some good references. Wendy  Xox