Amy Bloom’s Expert Opinion on Women’s Self-Images

MOTHERS WITH DAUGHTERS: PLEASE TAKE NOTE   A few years ago, I was at a lunch for the launch of a TV show called "How to Look Good Naked." (Do I need to say that the host was a slim gay man and the soon-to-be-almost-naked were all women? Can we even imagine a show in...

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 ANN SLATER: ADVANCED STYLE ICON FROM NEW YORK HAS NEVER LET A SILLY THING LIKE AGE KEEP HER FROM BEING CHIC!New York socialite Anne Slater has remained consistently stylish with her signature blue eye glasses and brushed back hair which  she adopted  in the 1950's....

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“The Ultimate Fashionista”

                      THE ULTIMATE FASHIONISTA!!!                    Ranked by Fortune Magazine as 12th Most Influential Woman                                         in the United States 2013                                 CAROL MEYROWITZ                           ...

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Women who Look Fabulous in their Seventies!!!

Nichelle NicholsBeing in Outer space all those years paid offAnn MargretShe looks almost exactly the same as she didin Bye Bye Birdie Raquel WelchShe could still play BarbarellaBarbara Walters2012Julie Christie71Candace BergenAlways a ClassicJane FondaAll the Aerobics...

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