Our Generation is Making Up the Rules as We Age. Hooray!!!!

New Rules For AgingHint: there are none!By Susan Crandell  We four friends scaling Breakneck Ridge represented 3 decades of life: Ali (pictured right), a doctoral candidate at 40; Kaki, a brand-new grandmother at 55; Star (pictured left), a triathlete who, at 60, just...

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This 100 year-Old Woman has some of the Greatest Style Tips

What a 100-Year-Old Has To Say About Today's Beauty And Fashion Trends (PHOTOS)At 100 years old, Ruth is much more stylish and healthy than most women half her age. With an intense fitness routine and a wardrobe made up of vintage scarves, costume jewelry and designer...

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Stylish, AND Comfortable Boots for Fall!!At the end of last winter, I had blisters all over my feet from the different winter boots and shoes I had been wearing. I was at Macy's and I happened to see a cute pair of boots.  Lo and behold they were made by Clarks.  I...

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          STYLISH  AND COMFORTABLE Shoes (and Boots)!!As I have gotten older I have stopped caring about wearing 4 inch heels just to be in fashion.  In fact, three inches is too much. When I started to realize that I wasn't enjoying a party because me feet were...

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At 91, Iris Apfel will Always be Famous for her Fashion Sense

BiographyNonagenarian Iris Apfel is one of fashion’s most instantaneously recognisable tastemakers. She has been the subject of several museum exhibitions, a coffee table book and even an advertising campaign for MAC cosmetics.Often colourful, always interesting, the...

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