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As you may or may not know, I post a lot on Facebook. Last winter 2016, I saw a photo of Oprah wearing a camel sweater with a camel pair of pants.  Honestly, it was one of the best pictures of Oprah I had ever seen, and we see her every month on the cover of her Magazine at the grocery store every month. Of course I found out who the designer was, but I had never heard of Lisette L.  Nonetheless, it stuck in my mind. When I was contacted to see if I would like to try out her pants, the synchronicity was crazy.  I jumped at the chance. If Oprah can wear them, why can't I?  Well, they are not a disappointment. They are made of a light stretchy material that holds your tummy in.  I wish I had hips so that I could tell you if they did that too, but, alas, I have none.

[caption id="attachment_2013" align="aligncenter" width="506"]Great for warmer or cool weather, Lisette L pants are so easy to wear. Great for warmer or cool weather, Lisette L pants are so easy to wear.[/caption]

The pants that I am wearing here are the ankle pants. Some women Over Fifty don't like the ankle length pant, but I think it adds a bit of style to otherwise just pants. You can wear them with flats without a problem and here I am wearing them with sandal heels by River Island. The blouse is this summer's hottest blouse, the off the shoulder. by Mango. The link to this great pair is IMG_4364  I am wearing them casually on this warm summer evening, but you could also dress them up. With a pretty sequin top and some nice evening shoes, these pants are such great quality, you could truly make a great ensemble.   amanda 8 You can see from the back that they fit very nicely. There is perhaps a titch more room than I need but I am also a Size 4.  They really do give when you put them on, and they "fit like a glove". These pants come highly recommended by me. Lisette3   This is another pair of the ankle pants in a darker color. This look is also a bit dressier which just goes to show how versatile they are. By the way, this teal blue is a very pretty and rich color. I think I will get them in all of the colors for winter and summer!!       Lisette22   To find these and more pants go to