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Monochromatic white has been big this summer, but actually any  monochromatic outfit can be styled in at least three different ways (if not a ton more)  to accommodate the needs of the mature woman Over Fifty. This outfit Sympathy by SW based in Florida is my dream come true.  The fabric is light weight and has a lovely silky feel. It is honestly the most versatile outfit you can buy because it can be styled with any color and any accessory.  This outfit is a slate gray, which usually is not my best color, but I knew if I added some big pops of red, it would be great!!

A Monchromatic top and bottom with an untucked top is the ultimate in casual chic for most mature women

This sleeveless top and semi-palazzo pants are fabulous.

This sleeveless top, untucked, and the unstructured semi-palazzo pants are great for a casually chic look. Because it is monochromatic, the untucked shirt does not look sloppy.  It almost looks like a jumpsuit, but it is easier to go to the bathroom.  However, when something is all one color, you do need that pop of color.  I found these fabulous red fan-like earrings at Zara!!! They were fantastic and when I saw that they were $20.00 I knew there could be no better statement earring for less.

This monochromatic look is slenderizing for any age, however, it needs a pop of color for the mature woman Over Fifty. This is one of the three ways one outfit can be styled.

These great red statement earrings make for the perfect pop of color with this monochromatic ensemble.

I also added a gold necklace so that there was more interest around the neckline and which helps draw the eye up to the face, which is where you want people to ultimately be looking.  However, if this loose and flowing look is not your style, or you feel it is too casual, you can add a belt. In this case, I added my favorite red Chanel belt (my only Chanel belt). If you are heavier around the middle, then this may not be for you, but it does make it look dressier.  I could have easily left the red earrings on, but I had a red purse that I wanted to add as well, so I didn’t want too much of a good thing.

The versatility of this outfit is wonderful. When the shirt is left untucked, this may be too bulky for some Over Fifty woman. Tucking it in and adding a belt is a great alternative.

Adding a belt to this monochromatic look in a bright color such as red, makes for an entirely different look

 A Monochrome ensemble is so versatile. The woman Over Fifty can dress it up or down, and even cover her arms!!

This is another great look with the shirt tucked in. For the mature woman Over Fifty who wants to be a bit dressier, the belt and the purse provide a dressier feel. No need for statement earrings now.

Finally, for the Over Fifty woman who does not want to show her arms, and we all know lots of women who feel this way, there is one last option. This option is wear a light weight scarf or shawl over either tied over the arms, or just draped. Here I tied a silk Gucci scarf over my shoulders and let it drape down over my arms. The colors of the scarf happened to blend beautifully with the slate and more interest to the monochromatic style.


And so, here you have one outfit styled three different ways with the same basic ensemble.  It is a great lesson for anyone that when the top and bottom match, know that there are lots of things you can do with it to dress it up, or dress it down, or make it your own!! bookmarks m/FashionOverFifty/?ref=

I would love to see if any of my readers have other creative ways to make a monochromatic ensemble their own. Please feel free to send me your photos to my Facebook page at the link above, and I just may post it.  


Wendy Xox