Hi, my name is Wendy and this is my blog. Read on to learn more about me and why this blog has been such a great labor of love.

I started my career as a Registered Nurse in 1978. I was placed on a Medical/Surgical Unit. Little did I know that it was mostly onconlogy. I would never have agreed to start on this kind of a Unit because during my first year as a Nurse, I cared for many patients that were VERY sick and a fair amount that died. At first, yes, it was depressing. However, as time went on, I began to watch the process of dying and it began to wake up a part of my soul that I never knew was there. It began to feel like it was an honor to be at someones bedside while they were passing away. I eventually began to feel like I was closer to God, Spirit, or something bigger that none of us can see or touch. How can it be that there is so much energy and life force one minute, and then it is gone. I could also feel something in the room that I could not explain.

I didnt know what it was, but it took my breath away. There last moments of a persons life are very peaceful.  It always felt like I had been gifted an opportunity that most people never have. To watch and feel someone pass away IS a gift that in our society is not something people talk about or even think about. I find this amazing since it is just as important as birth. It may seem like a strange way to end up starting a website like this, but in fact, it is really perfect.

Because my job was so stressful and yes, depressing, I applied to law school dreading the thought that I would have to do this forever, and I was working nights. I went to law school at night and worked as a nurse during the days. It was a very busy, but rewarding time in my life. After graduating, I worked for 7 years as a Litigator. I represented Doctors that were sued for Malpractice. As a litigator,there is much that goes in to preparing to settle a case or bring it to trial.  Prior to the end result, there is a lot of writing of motions, discovery, and letters. There is also a fair amount of arguing. I found this work rewarding, but something in me was touched while I was a nurse. There was a part of me that had deepened. Law Suits were serious matters, but nothing was really “life or death” except for life and death.  Something had been opened that I could not close, nor did I want it to.

Then, I had two beautiful children who, to this day, are the most important accomplishment and contribution to this world that I have made. I am so grateful every day that they are in my life and I can not imagine it without them.

While my kids were young, I had a friend whose wife was very ill with cancer. In an effort to find some alternative to Western Medicine he came across a book by a man named Alberto Villoldo. Alberto had studied the energetic medicine of the native Americans from Peru, the Qeros. These indigenous people had been living high in the Andes mountains, of outside of the capital of the Inka empire, Cusco. When the Spanish invaded that area, by the Conquistadors did not find the Q’ero.  Hence, their medicine remained pure and their visions unclouded by the political and religious views of the modern world.

After learning of things that Alberto had done for my friends wife, I was fascinated. Reluctantly at first,  I began studying Energetic Medicine according to the traditions of the Qero Native Americans. After the first week long retreat, I was do deeply moved, that I knew I had found a path to discover what had been aroused while being a nurse. I had been in therapy for years.  When I got back, I quit therapy immediately because I realized that many of my problems were stored in my body and that words would never be able to heal that “energetic”portion of my being.

Since then, both my mother and father have passed away. These teachings enabled me to understand their deaths and their transitions in a way that I would never have thought possible. It was a Rite of Passage that we in this society are afraid of, but I assure you, it is beautiful and comforting to witness and assist in the crossing over of your loved ones.

So, it is confusing, I know. How could it evolve that I would start a website about women over fifty after talking about death. Well, Energetic Medicine is not just about dying. It is about living. And not just living an every day existence. It is about connecting to your purpose in being born. It is about assisting you in finding your passion. It is about finding your Destiny, and not allowing Fate to just carry you along without being awoken to your journey.It is about having gratitude and reverence for everything on this planet and all the gifts that there are for us while we are alive.

If that helps you understand, then it will help you understand that as I have healed energetically, I enjoy each day more as I get older. I see so many gifts and I am grateful for so many things I never even noticed before. As a voracious reader, I read: magazines, newspapers, on-line articles, books, and you name it. Without a doubt, the United Sates is obsessed with youth. I think the reason for this obsession is the fear about getting older. Young women have no one to look up to as role models of an aging women who is still considered relevant and truly “alive” Hollywood retires them, magazines ignore them, and there is nothing to celebrate them. Why are we so short-sighted that we don’t see that we as humans are extremely fortunate to get older? If you are lucky, you WILL get older. The answer is not to run away from it, but to embrace it. To embrace every day that you have the privilege of being alive.

Where are the heroines? Who can we look up to as a role model for embracing their age and their contribution to their own world and ours? You can look to the pages of my website to find these women. To find the women who younger women will look up to so that aging will not be something to be afraid of.

Every day that you are alive is another opportunity to create. It is another opportunity to realize your dreams, and your true purpose for living. It is another opportunity to do something you always wished you had done, but never had the chance. In fearing aging and old age, people are not embracing life. Life, beauty, and fashion have always been my passion. I feel like I am being called to awaken every woman to the realization that she is full of wondrous beauty every day she is alive. It is hard, I know personally, but the media must be ignored. We must start our own movement to embrace every age and to create beauty whether one is 10 or 90.

My mission: To help every woman feel her inner and outer beauty no matter what her age. To help every woman shine until the moment she takes her last breath.

How do you like that.