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By Wendy Packer

Posted on November 1, 2017 by Christine Crosby in GRAND Voices

If you’re a gardener, truck driver, or construction worker, you might need to wear jeans and a T-shirt every day. If you’re anyone else? Not so much. We have lots of options to look good and feel great.

One doesn’t need to be Freud to conclude that the better we look, the better we feel. Nowadays women are growing older gracefully and embracing the new opportunities that come with aging. Now’s the time to shake up your style!

The only place we grow is outside of our comfort zone.

For new ideas you might want to go on to Pinterest and start looking at hairstyles for the more mature woman. Many women today are choosing to embrace their natural gray/white/ or silver. And, helmet hair is no longer required! It’s fine to have long hair as we age.

As far as your wardrobe is concerned, things are changing so rapidly, you have many options that neither your mother nor grandmother had. When I first started researching style for mature women about 5 years ago, there was practically nothing. Today there’s plenty. Model/actress Lauren Hutton, 73, was just on the cover of Vogue Italia! It’s the first time a women over sixty has graced the cover of this magazine.

Don’t be afraid to be sexy

Your style adventure is just beginning. Here are some helpful tips for your next shopping excursion.

  1. Accent your best feature. If you have long legs, get a skirt that is a bit shorter, slightly above the knees. You can rock opaque tights and ankle boots and you will be stunning. If you have a small waist (lucky you), tuck in your shirts. There is nothing classier than a pair of slacks and a white oxford shirt.
  2. If your lost the loving feeling for your waistline, learn the tricks. There are great tunics out there that don’t make you look like a box. Plus, you can always add a belt to give the illusion of a waistline. Another good trick is to get a cropped sweater and then wear a longer T-shirt that is more fitted.
  3. Don’t be afraid to be sexy. The cleavage doesn’t have to go low; a little cleavage is very acceptable depending on how you have maintained your decolletage. And, as Donna Karan says, you can always show your shoulders because they never gain weight. Today the cold shoulder, the one shoulder, the “shoulderless,” and other variations of tops are very popular. Experiment with these.
  4. You can still wear stylish shoes. There are so many options in shoes today, and in case you didn’t know, tennis shoes, like the Stan Smith’s we wore in the ’70’s are back in style. And don’t be afraid to wear a kitten heel. So many companies are now focusing on comfort AND style, which is a big switch from when we were young and destroying our feet.
  5. Get out your accessories. If you don’t have a pile of costume jewelry from your grandmother or your mom, there are stores in the malls and online that sell cute necklaces and earrings for less than $20.00. You might even want to splurge and buy a few nice ones. Also, get out your scarves. Scarves are so versatile. You can wear them loosely around your neck if your tunic is plain. You can wear them as a shawl if big enough. The possibilities are endless.
  6. Go Shopping in Your Closet. A great thing about getting older is you have more time. Use it wisely. Go shopping in your closet. Today, things don’t have to be so matchy-match. Play with stripes, prints or whatever you love. Check out digital magazines and start looking at the latest fashions.
  7. Get something with an animal print. Not an entire dress either. A cute cardigan, a scarf, or a skirt can be Ageless Chic. So, even if you do wear jeans and a T-shirt, throw on an animal print scarf to complete your look.

Remember, in style as in life, the only place we grow is when we go outside of our comfort zone. So get out there and step out of your zone and you will not only look better, you will feel better too.


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