Yazemeenah’s unconventional life could make anyone jealous. She has led a life guided by love, passion, and her inner sense of what is “true in her hear.” Yazemeenah was raised by her grandparents on the Island of Corsica and on the French mainland. At 17 she married and gave birth to her son. Her daughter was born three years later. Her son, now 45, is the father of Yazemeena’s granddaughters, Sara, 16, and Leanne, 13.

Yazemeenah and her first husband divorced when she was in her 30s. She remarried 10 years later but divorced after 15 years. She is still friends with her second husband and today is single and happy.

In her 20s Yazemeenah was a “fitting model,” which required standing all day while designers literally fit their fashions on her body. Not surprisingly, she moved on from this to become a “real model,” with Ford Modeling Agency, and worked all over the world.

In 1999 she moved to the U.S., and settled in NYC. Coming to America allowed Yazemeenah the opportunity to showcase an unusual feature: her white hair. Her hair started going white when she was about 12 years old and she always loved her silver thread. While this look wasn’t appreciated in Europe, Yazemeenah found a more welcoming and receptive audience in America. That enable her to stay true to herself and never dye her hair. So along with the newfound freedom to be herself, and the uniqueness of her gorgeous white hair, she is now at age 62 one of the most beautiful women and models in the world, inside and out.

Eventually, Yazemeenah moved to California, knowing she would make less money and have fewer modeling opportunities, but seeking a lifestyle that suited her better. Her goal was never to be the most famous or beautiful model, striving instead to become the most beautiful version of herself.

You may wonder how one would go about doing this? For Yazemeenah, the process required searching – her soul, her past, her shadows, and her light. (In fact, in 2014, Yazemeenah’s searching led her to change her name from Yasmina to Yazemeenah, which is also phonetically how it’s pronounced.)

Yazemeenah has encouraged her granddaughters to embrace who they are without hear. She showed them how to seek the magic in every day. This could mean dancing outside of Disney Hall in front of strangers, or whatever it might take for Yazemeenah to “…engage them in a carefree and joyous expression of their souls that will leave an indelible impression in the hearts of these young women.”

“It is only by aging that we can be in touch with our inner power”

Although her grandchildren live in Europe and Yazemeenah sees them only twice a year, she feels and almost telepathic connection with her youngest granddaughter sho she believes one day may choose a lifestyle similar to her own. Though Yazemeenah lives in Malibu in a small house without a lot of material possessions, she is content.

Contrary to what people might think about women in their 60s, Yazemeenah feels prettier today than ever before. Finding what matters most to her has skyrocketed her creativity, sensuality, and lust for life. She feels like a glower whose blossoms become more beautiful with each passing year.

Ironically, having shunned the traditional models’ path in NYC in the past, today Yazemeenah finds herself becoming more commercial sought after. She is also very popular on Instagram with women in their 20s and 30s seeking advice on how to stay well as we age.

Maybe there’s a lesson here for all of us. If you stay true to yourself and follow your heart you can continue to blossom with age. Imagine aging without fear because you’ve discovered the joy of thriving by simply being you.

It’s all about “Age Embracing” We are grateful to Yazemeenah for being such a wonderful role model for women of all ages!


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Yazemeenah’s 7 beauty hacks

  1. She uses organic oil on her face and runs grapeseed oil or castor oil through her silver locks.
  2. She concocts a homemade exfoliant from olive oil and fine sugar that she uses as a scrub once a week.
  3. She shuns commercial body washes, opting instead for tea tree, olive, or other organic soaps when she bathes.
  4. Once each week, she uses a dry loofah before her shower, “with strong friction.” Her weekly routine also includes a body and face scrub with a mixture of oil and fine sugar or gray sea salt. For daily use, she has a Japanese washcloth called a Salux.
  5. She eats avocado almost every day, stressing how important it is to eat a clean and nutrient-rich diet. She said, “The best thing for the skin is to eat enough health fats on a daily basis and to oxygenate well while exercising.”
  6. Yazemeenah believes “walking and sweating are great for your skin because it’s out biggest breathing organ.”
  7. The French stunner has been chowing down on organic food for years – even before it became hip.

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