Last year the clothing company Foxcroft and I worked on finding me two outfits. It turns out they were two of my most highly rated.  When I was asked to select another two ensembles, I surely jumped at the chance. As luck would have it, I was in New York, so I could go to the showroom. I also got a sneak peak at what’s coming for Fall, and it’s great What I like about Foxcroft is the quality  of their clothing,  The fabrics are first rate and the workmanship topnotch. Considering a lot of the Fast Fashion out there, their clothes are almost like the designers. Last week, I was in Palm Springs for Fashion Week. This past year I have been traveling a lot.  From to New York, Chicago, St.Louis and Los Angeles, and the temperatures everywhere have been cool.  Even in Los Angeles.  It felt like warmer weather would never arrive. However, not when you get to Palm Springs.If you have never been there, just stepping out of the car and feeling the warm dry desert air is so relaxing.  So, I finally had the chance to break out my Spring clothes from Foxcroft.  YAY! The first piece is a bright red eyelet long shirt that is more of a jacket. The material is thick and I think it would be hard to tuck it in.  The length of this jacket is perfect in covering up “problem areas” such as the   front and back!! Yet,it is not baggy and it still has a sophisticated look. It also has a very slight hi-lo design, adding to the up to date stylish-ness!! foxcroft1  We all know how many days you can spend looking for the right pair of jeans, right? Well, I promise you that the Foxcroft jeans fit me like a glove the minute I tried them on.  They are straight legged but the waist is a high rise and very comfortable.  Even though they have a higher rise, they are nothing like “mom jeans” and to the contrary,  they are very hip.  (no pun intended). I wear a size 4 and they run true to size. Honestly, I was shocked that they fit me SO well. foxcroft Since the pattern is eyelet, it is necessary to wear a cami underneath (at least for those Over Fifty women who are more modest, like me!!)  I chose white because I was going to a Birthday party where the theme was red white and blue, and I matched the decor perfectly!!  I don’t always try to do that!!  I  also wore a great necklace by Marla Wynn of HSN fame.  The necklace is a great statement piece and it isn’t heavy in the least.  I also wore a hat because the sun is not my friend.  I have had several moles that have been dangerously abnormal but not malignant, thank goodness. foxcroft-3 All in all, the pieces from Foxcroft when put together with my accessories, made for a very sophisticated look.  This shirt/jacket is a heavier material, and I believe it would provide warmth even though it has holes. You can do so many things with this top as well.  You can wear it over a maxi dress as the hemline is straight, or with a skirt for a casual work day. or even dress it up with a black cami and black slacks. foxcroft2 The third piece I received from Foxcroft was a gingham red and white checked shirt. Who doesn’t love gingham in the Summer?  Their gingham is also of  wonderful quality.  The entire shirt feels very sturdy and would last many a summer, if you like to hold on to clothes like I do.  In the next two photos , I am wearing it tied at the waist which gives you some versatility when styling.  screen-shot-2017-04-02-at-20-34-40 I don’t usually work out in my nicer clothes, but the gym was across from the party, so I decided to shoot this ensemble in the gym. That 5 pound weight also matched my ensemble.  I should have stayed and done some arm work because as we all know, Over Fifty, we need it. Of course, leaving the shirt untucked is always a great option and it covers that darned muffin top, that most of us struggle with.  Do you know there is a new store for men where they make shirts that are meant to be left untucked? So untucked is in.  This shirt looks great untucked as well. Again, I can not stress enough  about quality of the material.  No using this as a tablecloth!! foxcroft-7 You can’t go wrong with Foxcroft. This is my second experience with this designer and the great quality along with very versatile and lovely styling makes this company a winner.  It is SO  Fashion Friendly for the Over Fifty woman.  Let me know your know thoughts. Do you own anything by Foxcroft.  If so, has it lasted you forever? I would love to hear from you.    Wendy  Xox