A Mind, Set to Change

At 30, Leslie Maltz was a legal secretary, a smoker, a wife for 6 years, and a mother of a 2 year old baby girl.  At age 33, she was a mother of 2, an unhappy wife, and a stressed out paralegal for a high profile divorce attorney in Century City, CA.  At 35 she had found a trainer who introduced her to a martial arts called Krav Maga, where Leslie, over the next several years, went from star student to one of their top female instructors. She quit her job, quit smoking, and found her true passion…fitness.  In the following ten years (ages 35-45) Leslie became certified in a number of fitness techniques besides Krav Maga and started competing in Triathlons.  She founded BACKYARD BOOTCAMP, the San Fernando Valley’s  first outdoor fitness and weight loss program and in 2008, at age 45, she opened her own gym, Topham Street Gym.   Leslie has trained hundreds if not thousands of fitness hungry “Angelenos” over the past 15 years and has tried nearly every diet and food supplement available on the market.. When Leslie turned 50, she was finishing a 3 year divorce process, moving her youngest into an out-of-state college and was heartbroken from a recent romantic breakup.  She found, like many, emotional solice in food.  Never having been an emotional eater, it was all the more shocking for her when she found herself 15 lbs. heavier than she had been since her last pregnancy. As a trainer, this was only easy to conceal for so long.  People were constantly looking to her to be the “example”. However,when a complete stranger was surprised to find out that she was a trainer because she “didn’t look like one”, Leslie knew it was out of control.  She quickly went in search of a program that she could do that would not only allow her to drop the weight she had gained over the last couple of years, but that she could with good conscious, put into her body.  By her third month of using a 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System, she had gone down to a weight that she hadn’t seen since her Krav Maga days.

The Surprising Pay Offs

After losing the weight and keeping it off for 6 months, Leslie wanted to do something drastic before her 51st birthday to inspire and motivate other women her age. She wanted to show other women that it’s never too late to start something new. So she ventured into unchartered territory, and moved outside her comfort zone.  That’s when she hired Team Edge to coach and train her through her first professional NPC Bikini Competition. How did she do?  SHE WON 1st PLACE in Women’s Masters over 45. She also WON 3rd place in women’s Masters in the women under 35 category !!!