On June 30 I was invited to the very special birthday for Over Fifty, now Ninety, supermodel Daphne Selfe in London England. A few years back, a friend and Fashion Over Fifty model, Irene Smallwood-Bosma, and I decided to take a newly formed modeling class given by the world famous British model, Daphne. Irene was interested in the modeling aspect, and I was interested because I work with models. To receive our Certificates of Completion, Irene and I were invited to London for Tea with Daphne and her gorgeous daughter Claire. Since then, the modeling class has continued to grow and all models who finished the class were invited. Never to turn down an opportunity to celebrate a birthday of someone so special, I planned a vacation around this occasion.. The party was held in the Covent Garden area of London at the Century Club

The venue was very special and I was thrilled by the friendliness of Daphne’s friends and family. Knowing Daphne, this should be no surprise; nonetheless, I think I got to meet everyone, and I felt so welcome.  It was such an honor. This is a photo of the women and the one young girl who have taken Daphne’s course. The tall woman in back, Jane, has been signed on to a modeling agency. I became close friends with the woman wearing the glasses, Martina for the several days we continued our stay in London.  It could not have been a more perfect celebration.

This is a photo of Daphne’s daughter Claire. Claire runs the modeling program, and if you take the class, you will get to know Claire very well. I was also thrilled that the High End Catalog, Halsbrook.com sponsored this chic and colorful dress by Max Mara. The three of us look marvelous with all of the colors.

What a fabulous cake which has Daphne’s photo from one of her modeling photoshoots. What a fabulous inspiration for all women to see how beautiful a woman can be without having any “work” or plastic surgery, which is a rare thing these days!!

Here you can see just how beautiful Daphne is, as she is getting ready to cut the cake!!

Daphne has three wonderful children who are just as beautiful inside and out!!

Not surprisingly, Daphne’s grandchildren are great young adults.  I had a chance to speak with each of them and was delighted by their warmth and maturity.

Again, a very special thank you to Halsbrook.com for providing me with this gorgeous red dress from Max Mara for this great occasion.