Another great day for black tie wedding; the third one in two months. I am running out of black tie dresses. Luckily, I found this great one on a fabulous sale for under $200.00 at Bergdorf Goodman’s in NYC. It was just sitting there on the sale rack. I thought surely it must be a mistake to be on this rack.  It was a Size 6 too. It needed some tweaks and shortening, but I couldn’t resist. At the time, I didn’t even know I would have an opportunity to wear it in the future.

chic sleeveless black dress

How lucky was it to find shoes and a purse to match the black dress?  The earrings were also a lucky find. Not real of course.  It came in a graduating size of 6 sets of pearls for about $200.

This purse is ultra-light AND big enough to hold my phone and wallet.  Who else is having trouble finding handbags for evening? When going our for the evening, like to a wedding, you like to take those things. And, of course lipstick too.

The purse was a great find in Miami Beach on Lincoln Road Mall. It was inexpensive as well because there isn’t even a label inside.  There is not a clue who designed it.

The shoes were also an amazing find at Macy’s end of the season sale.  Believe it or not, they were under $30.00. The heel was perfect the mature woman Over Fifty with the kitten heel. I literally wore them, and danced in them and was comfortable all night, until about 2:00am.

For those women Over Fifty who feel they can’t wear a sleeveless black dress, I hope they will reconsider. If the top fits well across the bust line, it is Ageless Chic.  Some women no matter what age might not go for the Matchy-Matchy look, but it was great fun putting it all together, and it was all a coincidence. By accident, an Agelessly Chic ensemble for another black tie wedding!!

Wendy Xox