Early September weather, always the time of NYFW, can be very fickle, so it is tricky to pack, and even trickier for the Over Fifty woman. This year, fortunately, most days were warm, but one always needs to be prepared for a cooler breeze. This great layered tunic top by Stella Carakasi came in very handy. The more wrinkled it was, the better it looked. The tunic is a favorite with many women Over Fifty as it hides that spreading mid drift area. The jewelry is by Marla Wynne of MarlaWynne Collections from HSN and QVC. These simple accessories make such a great statement and really make the outfit. The white cropped jeans were by AG, my go to jeans. These flat shoes in this copper-ish color I got at Macy’s in Harold Square for under $29.00 at their end of summer sale. Fortunately, they matched perfectly.

This NYFW, I stayed across the river in New Jersey. The rates were much less and I was a simple 8 minute Ferry ride away from midtown NYC.  I also brought some sleeveless shirts, which, fortunately I can wear because I have thin extremities, i.e. arms and legs. Many mature women Over Fifty are afraid to go sleeveless but in the humid heat of NYC, I would literally faint. This Stella top with the metal accents around the collar is so stylish and so easy to take along. Again, the more wrinkled it gets, the better it looks.These frameless sunglasses are so chic looking, don’t you think? They are Ageless Chic because a mature woman of any age could pull these off. Lots of designers featured these this past summer, but I bought these for $5.00 on a street corner in NYC.Since it is almost Fall, I brought mostly neutral colors, easy to mix and match.The off the shoulder blouse some women Over Fifty love, and others don’t like. But, as Donna Karan says, your shoulders never gain weight!! The blouse is by Old Navy of all places. My purse is Gucci, though you can’t see the label. My shoes I also got at Macy’s Harold Square for about $29.00 at the end of summer sale. (The best sale in the world.)

These great Nine West sandals are a knock off of the hottest designer this past summer and this Fall, Gucci.

Lastly, I had to have a statement of some sort. Neutrals be gone, I bought a great DvF jacket with loads of colors and flowers.  Florals are very big this Fall and Winter also, so to heck with all of the NYC women who wear black once Labor Day comes.

This jacket was a great layering piece. Surprisingly, it didn’t wrinkle, and when it got hot, I could easily remove it. All in all,  the women Over Fifty needs just a few good basic pieces that don’t wrinkle easily no matter what her taste.  Hopefully, this gives you some good ideas.

Wendy Xox