It makes me so angry that the editors can’t find something better. This dress is just OFF. In this instance, with the Dior dress on the “YOUNG” model, less is MORE. There is too much going on. If the neckline accompanied a tailored dress, it would be Alexander Wang-ish, and it would make a statement. However, the scalloped bottom is superfluous and it does not go well with the neckline. It looks like they put two different dresses together. The hem looks like it is trying to add interest for the sake of interest. Besides, unless you are really tall, hemlines on the bias, or cut unevenly, are very hard to wear. Also, sleeveless is hard for women over 60 unless you have really great arms. Even thin arms don’t have as much tone. I really think there must be so many more choices out there for women in this age bracket. How about Caroline Herrera or Monique Lhuiller who design such sophisticated and mature dresses for women. Surely, they could have found something from one of those lines!! The dress to the right looks like a prom dress. No kidding, especially with the little poof on the shoulder. Again, the ruffles and then the sleek slit at the bottom are incongruous. There are so many LBD’s, it is hard to believe that this is all they could find. At least Marisa Berenson looks pretty! Maybe they should try them on someone in their 60′s before they post it. Personally, it’s embarrassing on the part of Bazaar. This Alberta Ferretti dress is meant for someone in their 70′s? Several friends were consulted on this one, and it was unanimous that it looks like something for a middle-school girl. Where to begin? The waist is so tiny; who in their 70′s has such a tiny waist? The length, above the knee is inappropriate. If they are going to show it, the model should at least be wearing black stockings. I hope they don’t think that a woman in her 70′s is going to wear this without hose? Let’s see… what else. The model’s arms are so long, the sleeves look like they hit at a very awkward and unflattering spot. One friend asked, “Are women that desperate that they want to be daddy’s little girl in their 70′s? Was it chosen by a woman in denial that she is getting older?” It’s really not clear what they are trying to capture with this dress, but the editors clearly missed the mark on this one. The dress on the right looks pretty similar to the one on the model. Again, with all the LBD’s out there, couldn’t they have found something a bit different. Especially, when neither one of them are very attractive. The other accessories feel like someone just threw them together. It certainly doesn’t have the feel of sophistication that a seventy year-old woman should have. It misses the mark terrible. Another embarrassment. The black dress with the leather insets looks like it could be quite chic on the right woman, and Shirley Bassey looks beautiful.