Brandon Maxwell, designer of almost overnight fame for Lady Gaga, is now designing couture, and women Over Fifty, don’t rule yourselves out.  On March 17, Brandon spoke at Neiman Marcus in Chicago, and I had the pleasure of being there.   You would never know that this man has been at the top of his game and an A list Hollywood designer based upon listening to him speak.  He is as humble as apple pie.  Coming from a rural area in the middle of the country, with not much to do , Brandon was highly influenced by his grandmother, who was not only stylish but taught him how to sew.  Brandon never forgets his roots, nor his appreciation for his grandmother.

However, as humble as he may be, he has big plans for himself.  He isn’t content on “just” designing for Lady Gaga, he has come out with his own label of couture fashions for ALL women. His styles are to “DIE” for.  The fabrics are unusually thick and sturdy. (Maybe that was influenced by that need in Hollywood?). But don’t stop Brandon there, he won’t stop until he has an entire lifestyle brand, similar to Ralph Lauren.  Now, that is dreaming big.  But, it’s people who dream big, who do exactly what Brandon is doing.

Though, he might not think of himself as a designer for women Over Fifty, they are agelessly chic!! Just because you are Over Fifty, doesn’t mean you can’t dress with some allure and sex appeal.  As Donna Karan says: “shoulders never gain weight”, and show the shoulders is what he does.

This ensemble is amazing.  The off the shoulder design is so gorgeous and feminine. This also has pants, or leggings which make it not only AVANT GARDE, but even more suitable for the Woman Over Fifty who likes to be a bit edgy as well. And below, is that dress amazing, or what? It has that dramatic side peplum which adds so much interest to the little LBD!!!!  It even covers those arms which so many women Over Fifty want.  This gown adds up to an A+ for any woman no matter what age.

So, the next time you are near a Neiman’s or a Saks, you must just go inside and look at Brandon’s designs.  They are really something to behold.  So now, you too can dress like Lady Gaga and feel like a Hollywood star!!