The Director, Sue Bourne and the four Fabulous Fashionistas
Speaking at the Conference “Mirror Mirror”
In the last week of October a Revolutionary conference was held a the the London College of Fashion. The subject: Nowhere is there found a positive representation of ageing, especially noticeable in the media. “There are no representations of age and ageing as a good thing-it’s all negative and grumbly, comedic, or over-sentimental”. The sentiment at the Conference was one of rebellion. Older women are apparently only complemented when they strive to look younger than expected. A recent study conducted by Dr. Carolyn Mair confirmed that older women would simply like to be told that they look good, and that the numerical age was irrelevant .The Conference was about celebrating age and how can we change these societal images.

Appearing at the Conference was Ari Seth Cohen. I did an article about him and his photographs of flamboyantly dressed ageing women and his wonderful blog. Fashion Blogger for the Over Sixty, Alyson Walsh (That’s Not My joined Ari.  Following the event, Alyson blogged that she and Ari discussed “the visibility of women beyond a certain age, inspiring role models, the media/fashion industry’s obsession with youth and so on.” Based upon all the buzz in England, she is hoping that the fashion world is beginning to consider this large and powerful demographic.

Alyson also noted that the English magazine, the Guardian published an interesting article asking”has fashion really changed for women over 60″.  I will have to get a copy of that and I will analyze it here on the blog. In the end, Alyson and Ari agreed that they preferred to view” this phenomenon not as a trend, but more as a long-term cultural shift.”  Let’s hope so!!!

Daphne Self, in her 80’s, conducted a quick blast of exercise. The day ended with the Fabulous Fashionistas who are pictured above. Daphne,Sue, Bridget and Jean who urged everyone to keep: learning about life,  to be curious,to be yourself; and to look after your physical self when you’re young. Most of all they advised not to be afraid of ageing!!

The Fabulous Fashionistas were recently the subject of a movie directed by Sue Bourne, pictured above in the center, which touts the life enhancing effects of fashion.  This will be the topic of another Blog.