I found a cute little hippie chic store on the main street in Carmel. For 100.00 I bought a white skirt. Every year I buy something white because I am so sick of black, but then I never wear it. Well, this year I decided to break that habit and I wore it to a Charity Event in Beverly Hills.
Of course, I was the only wearing white. Good thing I’m not self-conscious!!

A few weeks later the Resort collection came out for 2015. I was so surprised when I found this skirt in Chanel’s Collection.

The funny thing is that if I didn’t laboriously blow dry my hair, my hair would be exactly the same as this model’s. Why anyone would want this bushy mess is beyond me. But, if I had worn a mustardy sweater/jacket, we would have been like twins.

I’m so glad that Karl Lagerfeld likes my taste!!!