For those Fashionistas who are Over Fifty and don’t remember the shoes in the ’80’s by such creative designers like Maude Frizon, you are missing out.  Her designs were so much fun, with different colors and fabrics and designs all on the same shoe. Fashion Over Fifty wishes so much that those shoes were still around because they were so much fun.  But, there is hope.

There is one designer I know, who has been around since the ’80’s, and who is still designing. Her name  is Beverly Feldman. She has an amazingly youthful spirit and her creativity just keeps on getting better. She lives in Spain and has her shoes made there.   You can find them at   Below is a photo of the fabulous Beverly Feldman, who one day, I hope to go and visit.


One of the best things about being a blogger is that people offer to send you clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and other stuff!!!  I feel very fortunate, although I am running out of room in my closet!!  Well, Beverly has offered to send me a pair of shoes and I am so excited.  I just love her styles.  On her website she has a wide variety of shoes, including flats, boots, and purses. Beverly has so generously offered to send me a pair of her shoes and I am so ecstatic.   But, I can’t decide.

I love animal prints, so the only pair I can rule out for sure is the black one.  Otherwise, is it  Eeny Meeny Miney Mo?  Which pair do you think I should get?  Your input would be very appreciated.

Love,   Wendy Xox