If you follow my Facebook page, Fashion Over Fifty, you may have seen that summer denim is back, so here are a few ideas on how to carry it off.  On the New York runways, “double denim” was huge. I find it a bit overkill but I take the challenge to see if I can pull it off. For some women Over Fifty,  choosing an outfit of double denim might be daunting.

It’s getting warmer in the U.S., so no  cowboy boots or  long jeans .  Instead I am choosing my boyfriend jeans by AG. They are lightweight and comfortable, perfect for summer.

By the way, I hope you have figured it out by now, but never give away your denim jackets. You know that if it goes out of style, it will come back. Here, I pair the jeans with a denim shirt, (which I have had for at least 20 years). (You see, I take my own advice!) Here you see it buttoned and unbuttoned. Either look is perfect for a day of shopping or hanging out with your friends.

Underneath the denim jacket (or shirt), any fun summer blouse or T-shirt will do. I chose this bright orange T-shirt with a matching little clutch and belt to add some zip. I  do have orange sandals, but too matchy-matchy isn’t a great look either for women Over Fifty.  The sandals I chose are by Aquazurra (my favorite brand of shoes) which I got at an unbelievable sample sale. They are a bit “Cowboy and Indian” style with the orange and brown feathers and fringed ankle straps. It adds to the “Western” feel of the double denim look!!

For another option, I chose an unexpected look.  I put this off-white blazer over the double denim to dress it up!!  A white blazer isn’t something you would expect over a denim shirt, but it looks good, I think!! Now I look much more put together. One could  wear this to lunch with friends, an art exhibit, or other casual affair where just jeans won’t do it.

And so there you have it. A few more ideas on how to wear denim this summer.