Welcome to Stella Carakasi’s Spring /Summer 2017 Fashion Show where Diversity is the Spice of Life

screen-shot-2017-03-23-at-00-44-30   Located in a an unassuming warehouse in Berkeley California is a genius designer named Stella Carakasi.  I have written about Stella before and her unique abilities to create designs that flatter all women no matter what age or size.  As one of the first designers to embrace such Diverstiy, she followed through with another great fashion show on March 31, 2017. Embracing Diversity is one thing, but to embrace it and embellish it and make it look chic and beautiful is another.  Well, Stella did just that.   stella-5 This is Makeup artist Dani working her magic on Alyshia. As you scroll you will see how gorgeous ALL of the models look, no matter what AGE, ETHNICITY OR SIZE.  Diversity is the spice of life. stella-6 Here are the gorgeous models waiting to walk the runway.  Here Yarra is calling off the walking order down the runway.  Yarra basically produced this fashion show from top to bottom. Not only did she help style the models, but she planned for every little detail you can imagine.  All of the models were so appreciative of her efforts and a big Thank You goes out to her. now-1 This Spring Stella gathered inspiration from women who inspire us to be our best selves and encourage an air of whimsy. In this spirit, they were honored to introduce their special guest, author Alysia Helming. Through her her debut best-selling novel PROTOGENESIS she shares her imaginative world of Greek mythology seen through the eyes of her protagonist Helene. Stella has crafted the perfect nod to her literary talent and the Spring season with our exclusive Protogenesis look inspired by Alysia’s book   screen-shot-2017-04-14-at-23-24-56 And, so the show begins. Talk about Ageless Chic, this dress as modeled so beautifully, would look great on anyone.  But our gorgeous Over Fifty model, Juliette, with her chic gladiator sandals makes such a great statement. No invisibility wearing this dress. unspecified-13 In fact you see from this photo below just how shy and withdrawn this gorgeous Over Fifty model feels….NOT!!! She is feeling fabulous and what a switch that is.  For a woman Over Fifty to feel fabulous on the runway, where she is fully SEEN!!  YAY STELLA screen-shot-2017-04-14-at-23-09-04 Further embracing the beauty of every woman, in fact Goddess, is the Fuller Figured model.  No covering skin, no feeling shame about one iota. Stella is about every woman embracing every inch of herself and feeling beautiful.  And boy, does Kai look gorgeous here or what?  You can just feel the confidence oozing from her. screen-shot-2017-04-14-at-23-11-31 At almost 6 feet tall, and almost Over Fifty, this gorgeous model, Adrienne, is ready for the real runway. You can just feel her confidence.  This chic all black ensemble would look great on anyone, but Adrienne is totally rocking this look.  (This is where being almost 6 feet tall is a phenomenal advantage in life.) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Stella designs for the Full Figured woman are as feminine and fun as another woman.  This outfit worn by Savona would look good on almost anyone. Wearing all one bright color, like orange, is not easy for anyone.  But with the creative layering of the black and white top between the top and bottom, this look is a hit.  screen-shot-2017-04-15-at-01-55-15 Today there is a big debate among women Over Fifty whether to dye their hair or let the natural gray/silver/salt and pepper grow in. Looking at Michelle, below, there should no longer be any debate.  If you are inclined to stop dying your hair, you will not look like a wallflower.  To the contrary, especially when wearing white, gray or black, women stand out like a shining star. At last, no more debating.  Do what feels good to you. screen-shot-2017-04-15-at-01-33-10 Stella caters to every size.  Julia below is about as petite as a woman gets and she looks uber stylish in this all black ensemble. It does not overpower her, and she does not look like a sac of potatoes either.  One thing Stella does, is make sure that no matter what your age, or size, you look feminine.  Mission Accomplished screen-shot-2017-04-15-at-01-40-10 And then there is the average beautiful woman who looks good in just about anything. Alysia, the guest author,  looks so hot in this all black ensemble below. The leather like leggings and layered tops make for a great look day or night. That vest, everyone loved it and it makes a great piece with almost every outfit!! screen-shot-2017-04-10-at-00-28-35 Like the title of this blog says, Stella caters to every age. Here Valeria could not look more adorable, yet chic all at the same time. It is not too “adult-like either with that hood and great belt!!  I don’t think my waist was ever that small. screen-shot-2017-04-15-at-01-38-17 And another Youngin’ was just as cute, yet chic.  To the right is Tori Shubin. Tori and her mom Adrienne prove Stella’s point beautifully.  Younger and more mature women can wear the same things if styled correctly. I think Tori is having a lot of fun and she looks spectacular.  Adrienne is so proud of her, I know!! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Speaking of youth, here we have another daughter of a mother daughter combo.  This is Valeria and doesn’t she look so feminine and lovely in that ephemeral dress?  Young women do not have to wear short dresses to be sexy or alluring.  This dress is a winner no matter what your age. screen-shot-2017-04-18-at-16-12-14 And now for Valeria’s mom, Juanita.  Juanita is just another one of your just average beautiful women!!  Because she is tall and thin she can wear this balloon dress and still look chic. The gladiator wrap around sandals also help give this look an edgy feel which help cap off the entire outfit. screen-shot-2017-04-18-at-16-16-58 Araxi doesn’t need to wear anything but a smile for her to shine on the runway. However, this great black ensemble is terrific on her  and doesn’t she look “cool”  The shiny black jacket has the same feel as a motto jacket, without all of the added bulk and weight. The jacket and the layered top of the leggings give this a very up to date style and with the smile, it’s a hit!!screen-shot-2017-04-18-at-16-08-23Last but not least is me.  The past couple of years I have been producing fashion shows and going to fashion weeks all over the country.  I have helped train models and every time I see a model walk down the runway I can’t help but take notice of her form and how she presents to the audience.  Somehow all of this has rubbed off on me, and I sauntered down that runway.  I am not sure that my style of walking was correct, but I felt confidence.  An audience can feel when you are confident and they forgive your other mistakes.   So, this is one of my most powerful shots because I truly felt in my power.  So, for all of you readers, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zones and try something new.  And don’t just try it.  Try to become “good” even if you aren’t “good”. It gives you back your confidence and I hope that all of you, my readers, will step in to your own power. screen-shot-2017-04-18-at-16-14-42   I hope you have enjoyed a bit of the show, and if you get the chance in the Fall, Stella is doing it all over again.  I hope you can drop by, you won’t regret it.   Wendy Xox