There is a New Network…..WHOA!  (WOMEN HONORING OUR AGE)

This new network is based on the simple concept: Women should be seen and heard at every age and valued more as they get older, not less. Great minds think alike; the Mission of my blog since I started it last April has been to help women shine until they take their last breath. Not exactly the same, but similar enough.

Founders Lynn Forbes and Darryle Pollack. WHOA is pioneering the next level of connection online via new technologies like Google Hangout Shows.  Tapping into the trailblazing spirit of the women who changed the world way-back-when, they’ve quickly amassed a community of energetic, active midlife-and-beyond women who refuse to remain invisible.    According to Forbes and Pollack, we are at a new frontier, a true tipping point.  We are creating a powerful shift in how women are perceived as we get older. What I say is:”Ditto” and” thank goodness!”

Just click and take a look.