In case you don’t know Marla Wynne, she is one of the best sellers of women’s clothing on the Shopping Network, HSN.  Her stylish but casual designs are perfect for the everyday woman who doesn’t want to get dressed up, but who still wants to look put together.  Whenever I have posted them on my Facebook feature “Would you wear this?”, Marla gets a ton of likes and great comments.  Marla and I hooked up over Facebook, if you can believe it. I contacted her to let her know how great I thought her designs were and she contacted me back because she liked my presence on social media. Though I missed my biannual trip to NYC for Fashion Week, I had things to do when I got back from Chile. I like to keep my finger on pulse of fashion which of course is in the heart of NYC.  I would someday love to live there. There is always something to do or something exciting going on.marla-22-1 Marla was having a showcase party for the launch of her new line, Layers.  On this new line, Marla did something VERY special. She collaborated with her gorgeous daughter on the designs, so there’s no doubt that this  new venture will be “Ageless Chic”. From what I saw, and what you will see, you can already see that it is suitable for every age. Marla’s daughter, Sydney, on the left, is wearing one of their great shirts and it looks fabulous on her.  How fun to get to create with your daughter. marla-sidney-1 Being a big fan of Marla’s, I was so happy to be personally invited to the launch.  Upon first entering  the showroom, all I could see were beautiful clothes with interesting styles, fabrics, weaves, and textures.  marla-and-i-1-1-3     marla-tonight-1   To demonstrate their visions for their upcoming release, mock ups of different fabrics, colors and  textures were hanging on the walls.  These two photos just happen to be my colors, as I am an “Autumn” (very ’80’s, but I still use it.) I can’t wait to see when these collections come out because these are some of my favorite colors, and not that easy to find. marla-and-i-1-1-4   marla-and-i-1-1-5 All around the room were samples of what is available now, and what will be available later in Spring and Summer.  All of the styles were Casual Chic, and as you can see,  suitable for every age. This lovely black and white look below, even with jeans, you would still look put together. marla-and-i-1-1-6 This sleeveless sweater/vest will be great during the summer. It almost requires no thought on how to wear it. Over a T-shirt, or blouse, or even by itself, it would look great with so many colors, and even jeans. Marla’s new collection also has some great necklaces which go perfectly with her clothing. marla-1-1 Her fabrics are also amazing.  Marla personally went to China and investigated how to get the fabrics as similar to Italian fabrics as she could.  To me, it looks like she succeeded. The stitching, the detailing, and the quality in all of the pieces are fabulous,  BUT the prices will be much less than the Italian prices. She has really created something wonderful here. marla-1-6 It’s one thing to look at the fabrics, but another to see them on live people. And you can see below that they are truly Ageless Chic. No matter what your age, you couldn’t possibly tell me that there isn’t a way for you to work one of these pieces in to your wardrobe. marla-and-i-1-1-7 As a blogger for women Over Fifty, I have investigated many styles that might or might now work on women whose bodies have changed with time, gravity and hormones.  One look that is popular is called the Lagenlook, which in German, means Layered.  The Lagenlook, however, is layers and layers of clothing that go all the way to the floor. In my humble opinion, I think that the look is overwhelming on most women.  You can’t see any contours of the woman’s body and it looks sort of like the woman is wearing a paper bag.  That is my humble opinion, because there are many women, who love the look. And, I am sure there are some women who can style it so that it is flattering. If you have a photo of one, please send it to me and I would be glad to post it on my Facebook page, Fashion Over Fifty. Nonetheless, this layering is flattering to Any Age, Any Size, Any Woman. Meet Madeline. Madeline is the Editor-In-Chief of the Plus Model Magazine.  She is a great authority on styles for the Full Figured woman. To see her magazine go to marla-and-i-1-1-8  Marla realized that you need to balance the layers with a  slimmer look either on the bottom or the top.  With fitted jeans or leggings, the layered tops look great because you can still see the slimmer legs. It’s called balance.  Balance is a good style tip you should always remember when buying anything.  You want to wear the dress, you don’t want the dress to wear you.     All in all I had a really great time meeting Marla, seeing her new collection, and meeting new people.  These lovely Over Fifty ladies were raving about the clothing and ordered some pieces on line while we were there. marla-and-i-1-1-2 Another great thing about New York is that you meet all sorts of interesting people. This lovely lady below is a blogger for Plus Size Women and her Blog is called Amply Emmy. You can find her blog at She is loads of fun and has some great styling advice for the Fuller Figured Over Fifty Woman!! marla-and-i-1-1-10 So, a great big thanks goes out to Marla Wynne for including me on the guest list of the party launching her new line. I have already picked out pieces that I want from the Summer collection and can’t wait to get them. Don’t worry, you will be seeing them on the blog as soon as I get them!!