Wow.  What a season this Spring will be “fashion-wise”. In fact, it doesn’t feel like Spring, but more like a Fellini Flick, or it’s a big Costume Party that I wasn’t invited to. I don’t think I have ever seen such a varied amount of unusual clothing in all the years I have been drooling over “high fashion”. I would have to say, it’s pretty much all over the place, bold patterns, crazy materials, you name it. However, I did find a few common themes.

 One is that the skirts are the highest I have ever seen them.  What do they say: “When skirts are short the economy is really good.”  Well, in that case, this Spring our economy will be do extremely well! 

Up until what age do you think it is appropriate to wear a skirt so short that you must be VERY careful where and how you sit down?  Definitely not past 35 right? Maybe 30?  Okay, if I am being old-fashioned then 40?  Let’s say it’s 30, 35 or 40…how many  women do you know who can afford to blow a huge amount of cash on an outfit this limited?  Or maybe she will wear it all the time, what do I know?
Dolce and Gabanna
Yves Saint Laurent
The scenery that you see  to the left is also big this Spring. It’s like what we wore in the 70’s. Didn’t you have one of those synthetic shiny shirts with the scene of a forest, or a beach, or a person’s face on it? I think we wore those into the Disco era, didn’t we? Anyway, Prada takes it to new dimensions this 
Spring as  you can see   below to the left.    

There are also a lot of See-Through styles. In my opinion, way too much nipple, but then again, that is why this blog is titled Fashion Over Fifty and not Thirty or Forty….  Looking at the YSL outfit above, I feel like I could be in a Strip Club.                                              


Another common theme this Spring are geometric and asymmetrical shapes and hemlines cut on the bias. However, not only are things cut asymmetrically, but there are lots of layers in the same or different fabrics. too, too busy.  Honestly, even if I could get away with these clothes, I would rather wear jeans.

Christian Dior


Bottega Veneta


Another common denominator among this crazy array of fashions is the fact that I was hard-pressed to find even one style within many of the collections that I would even seriously consider wearing no matter what age. 

As I promised, there are a few beautiful things out there for the Over Fifty, and true to my word I will post these tomorrow.