El Paseo’s Fashion Week in Palm Desert, Ca., brings out wonderful Street Style for the OverFifty. Palm Desert  is filled with people who come to escape bad winter weather from all over the world. Usually, these are older people who have retired or can afford to  take time off from work.  Many of the people are Over Fifty. For the past 4 years I have been going down there to get photos of this older population of people who get dressed up to see the week of FAshion,  have so much fun asking these lovely people if they mind if I take their photos.  Most people are so surprised that I want of photo of THEM, because they are not a celebrity or young.  With Fashion Over Fifty. you are a rock star if you are Over Fifty. Everyone without question is flattered. These are some of the beautiful people that I was lucky enough to photograph when I was there.

This is my wonderful friend Camerone Parker McCulloch.  We met at this Fashion Week 4 years ago and have become close friends. She is such an inspirational woman.  After going through a terrible divorce and having MS, she has gone on to remarry and continue her career as a model and runway model.  I will do an entire story about Camie because she is such an inspiration to all women Over Fifty about how you can turn your life around at any age and persevere through adversity.