The Fashion Magazines give you about 45 good years and then, I guess you should start giving up.  Once you hit 50, you are clumped in with 60, 70, and 80 year olds.  God forbid you live to your 90’s. No wonder women have such poor self-esteem.  There are very few good role models for women to look up to who have paved the way with grace and elegance. Don’t even mention Joan Rivers. How depressing is this?  This society is so youth conscious and yet hardly anyone can really maintain the standard. Those that do, commonly, end up with some sort of mental condition.  Like Brittney Spears, Miley Cirus, or Amanda Bynes. Jennifer Anniston can’t even get married. They seem to have EVERTHING, and yet, even they can’t keep up with the Amercian ideal that we have to be perfect. With the tabloids zooming in on every speck of cellulite no wonder women are depressed. No wonder women are getting more obese. There is some logic to the thought, “why even try?’ Where is the Female Doctor Phil?  We need a Good Woman Doctor or Role Model to talk some sense into women and how they should look at their lives. Upon what do we base the true value of ourselves? By how many Birkin bags we have in different colors? What and the hell has Kim Kardashian done to be famous.  She is famous for being famous and yet people are fascinated with her.  Why?  What has she done for society? What contribution has she made to mankind?  Has she won a Nobel prize? Does she even have a college degree? Has she ever even held a job? That’s the problem. Almost 99% of people have to work in order to live. Most people have to budget their money and buy a house and plan for retirement. Why is Kim so idolized?  I am offended that she is even on the same magazine cover as Princess Kate who at least is real Royalty. Even Princess Kate, who doesn’t have to work, or worry about a mortgage, goes out in to the community and does good charitable things. Even while pregnant she has made public appearances and has remained the epitome of respectability and style. Has the American psyche sunk so low that Kim Kardashian is our Royalty? All we saw her do during her pregnancy was watch her eat, get fat, and then try to find clothes that still made her look “glamorous.” What has this human being contributed to anything other than retailer’s pocketbooks? I have heard it said that every soul, before it  comes in to the world, has a purpose.  I guess based on past lives, karma, or whatever, there is something important that must every soul believes is important to accomplish. Of course, I have no empirical data to support this whatsoever, but doesn’t it somewhat ring true in your heart?  Obviously it must ring true to me or I wouldn’t be writing this.. The decline in our culture is so sad, that I must speak out. It may not seem that Fashion Over Fifty is such a “deep” topic, but in many ways, to me, it is.  It is about accepting who we are, including our flaws and imperfections.  It is about loving ourselves, because if we can’t love ourselves I don’t think we can love others. It is about having self-respect, even if you aren’t PERFECT. Hence, the Mission of this Website: To provide support, advice, and encouragement to women in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and even 100’s to embrace who they are with dignity and respect. I am off to Peru and Machu Pichu, where people have said that it is a life changing experience. I will be thinking about the Mission of this Website and I will look for inspiration so that I can share it with other women and hopefully make a difference in the world.

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Shari 08/18/2013 12:00pm Wonderful, Wendy!!