I don’t know anyone like shoe designer Beverly Feldman, who creates fun and excitement wherever she goes!! When Bev and I decided that I should come to Alicante and spend some time together, I never dreamed we would have so much fun.  As they say, never a dull moment. First on the agenda, Bev invited her photographer, Pepe, to take shots of us together. It’s a lucky thing I brought the right dress that matched perfectly with these new purses that Bev has designed. The colors of Spain.  The bougainvillea. The culture. it was so exciting.

Pepe took an entire series of us together. These are just a few.

I should have worn a lipstick that was more orange..  It didn’t look this red in the tube.  Oh well

As you may remember, Beverly had THE most beautiful shoes in the ’80’s.  After graduating from design school, everyone told her not to design clothes, because everybody did that. So she decided to design shoes. She picked up her things and moved to Alicante Spain, where the some of the finest shoes in the world are made. Lucky for me she has a museum at the back of her house where she has saved many of the designs.

In the museum are racks and racks of shoes, boots and purses.  I could barely contain my excitement. If you look closely you must  look at the detailing. This Fall is about maximalism, and I would wear any one pair of these with pride right now.

Look at the detailing on this boot. Today, it would be much too costly to recreate these. Isn’t it a shame?

It is heartbreaking that this kind of craftsmanship may not be affordable to regular people, like you and me. Shoes today like these would only come from a high end designer and the cost would be prohibitive for most of us.

And if that wasn’t enough excitement, Bev asked a lovely young Russian woman who is a columnist, to come over and interview me for her magazine.  Unfortunately, the article came out, but I can’t read it because it is in Russian!! These are a couple of the photos she took and put in the article.

This one is lovely too.

Well, staying with Bev was an unbelievable experience. I hope she invites me back again one day because not only did we have fun, but we became very close friends.  Bev is not just a creative woman, she is a great friend and role model.