Wendy Packer, founder of the blog Fashion Over Fifty, gives her useful tips to always feel beautiful and fashionable even after 50!

published on voila.life, June 24, 2018
From Patrizia Chimera

Fashion at 50, who said that we can not be beautiful and trendy? We must not renounce our femininity and follow the current fashion trends only because we have exceeded 50. Indeed, we must follow the advice of the experts in order to always show flawless and perfect looks. Just as we choose the best beauty products, we must do the same with our clothes and accessories that we wear.

Style tips for over 50s come from Wendy Packer, founder of the blog Fashion Over Fifty, who wants to be a point of reference for all mature women who sometimes do not feel represented in a society that always winks at the very young. But they too want to be relevant and important. They want to be considered. And that’s why Wendy offers us her unmissable tips for not making a mistake!

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Fashion at 50: Style Tips

Fashion Over Fifty was designed by Wendy Packer, a California blogger, to show that women over 50 can follow fashion. On the contrary, they must do it. Fashion is not just a matter for the very young and the 65-year-old blogger knows it very well. For this she dispenses her style tips every day.

  1. Wearing a sophisticated style, not trends. Most mature women want to be sophisticated, even by wearing a simple pair of jeans. They do not want to feel unkempt. Trends go out of fashion, the class never.
  2. Buy outfits , not separate garments. Trying to put clothes together is not easy, so buying already “pre-packaged” looks from fashion brands can make life easier. Or create your looks directly in the store.
  3. The accessories will be your best allies. The French First Lady Brigitte Macron is very good at this: she combines young garments with more elegant and chic accessories. And the look is served!
  4. Wear what you love and still play with fashion!

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