Day or Night, this stunning Lafayette 148NY Classic black suit will take anyone anywhere. Thank goodness suit dressing is back in style. There is nothing classier than a well made suit with the right blouse and great accessories. This black two piece black suit and beautiful off-white shirt of a luxurious crepe material, will take you anywhere, any season. With simple black boots and a lapel pin, this look can take you from a luncheon, to work, to evening. The shorter pants add a youthful edge to this classic look which I love. Here, I am wearing the black pants with black boots from Zara.

If you know my style, less is more. Many of Lafayette 148’s pieces make such beautiful and elegant basics. Every painter needs a beautiful canvas upon which to work.  This suit provides that gorgeous canvas. Below I am adding more color for a more whimsical feel. Pops of different colors make a statement  no matter what season.

For a bit of an edgier look, I paired the ensemble with short red boots.  I wore this in downtown Los Angeles one night while we were walking to the trendy “young” hangout, Bottega Louie’s. We couldn’t believe how many complements I got on the way there.  However, they were from young people, no older than 30. Heck who doesn’t want to feel like they are still “hip”? I thoroughly enjoyed the attention and that I could get complements from the younger generation.

For a bit more of a “mature look”  I wore the slacks with kitten heels from Beverly Feldman, made in Spain. With this wonderful canvas you can add just about any accessory and really have fun!!

Which do you prefer.  The kitten heel or the red boot?

The jewel sleeves on this ensemble are fabulous. This style with the self-tying sleeves gives the look an unexpected bit of charm.The shorter sleeve permits more visibility of the cuff,  giving it an almost tuxedo feel. Add a brooch and nice handbag, and you can go to the fanciest of parties

Now that we are thinking  spring, these cropped pants look terrific with sandals as well.  With a pair of high heeled sandals like these Kenneth Coles, it really dresses it up.

And don’t forget to throw in a splash of color like I did with this great RED Bottega Veneta handbag!!

Last but not least, the blouse is designed with great feminine lines. It is meant to be worn both tucked in and untucked. The hem is long and high-low.  I wore just the slacks and blouse one evening to a bar with some friends. Living in California, everyone asked why I was so dressed up (because most people wear just jeans, ugh) This look also garnered some complements, but this time from my Over Fifty friends,

I am so looking forward to seeing how I else I can mix and match these pieces.  Stripes are going to be big this summer so I am envisioning these pants looking great with a striped shirt.  I am also thinking that the shirt will go nicely with jeans. Maybe I will find some striped pants (I love stripes) and wear the jacket with those.  As I said at the start, the classic styles by Lafayette148 NY are fabulous. The possibilities are endless and what a great way to go out and be proud that you are an OverFifty woman styled, sophisticated and rockin’.  We can show the younger ones how it’s done.

Until next time.