Designer clothes for the sake of a logo are not important for mature women Over Fifty who are seeking style and fashion. in fact, feeling sexy and sophisticated Over Sixty, is better than any logo any day.  There are two designers who do just that, Cushnie and Ochs.  They create designs that is truly Ageless Style.  Since these 2 beautiful women began over 10 years ago, I have swooned for their sensual aesthetic. Their designs are simple in the most sophisticated way, yet sensual and evocative. Their styles shout less is more.

The past few years I began realizing that if I bought a few things at a lower price, it still added up to over $500.00. So, I decided, I may as well look at the designer things and buy one thing I LOVE, rather than several things I merely like!!  This time it paid off.  Last month I just happened to be in Beverly Hills for something, and had some extra time. I decided to pop in to Neiman Marcus just to “look” (HA).

When I went to the designer section, I was shocked to find a pair of Cushnie and Ochs pants in my size, and for less than $200.00, which is great considering they were originally over $600.00.  I kept  looking and I found this very oddly hung dress that was also Cushnie and Ochs.  It was impossible to tell what it really was, which is probably why it was on the final sale rack.  So, I took a chance since the fabrics matched.  (I have no idea if these 2 pieces were meant to go together.)

When the saleslady and I figured out how to get it on, I almost started to cry. Even two sizes too big, I fell in love.  I knew it would not take much to alter it and you know that I bought those 2 pieces. They added up to a bit more than $500.00, but I thought I may never have this opportunity again.  The next Saturday night we had a party to go to, and incapable of waiting until it was altered, I pinned up the straps, and made it work.  I wore one of the first really nice designer ensembles I have ever owned!!

Rarely do I pull out my late Aunt’s handbag that she left me in her will, but this called for the Vintage Judith Leiber bag that is real crocodile  with gold and crocodile handles. (Yes, Judith Leiber does make handbags that are not made only of Swarovski crystal) The outfit  maybe could have used a pop of color, but I wanted to keep it really simple. In fact, the only jewelry I wore was an oversized pair of gold hoops by Sheila Fajl. Again, I wanted to keep the lines simple and elegant, like the dress and slacks

To get the full genius of this dress/top, you have to see the neckline. One side of the strap that wraps around the neck is larger than the other. The sides under each arm are also asymmetrical. It is impossible for you to guess how they did this, just as it is almost impossible to figure out how to get the dress on.  I can not begin to explain how this dress goes on, but believe me, you need to be good in geometry!  And THIS is what I love about Cushnie and Ochs. They are so creative in the way they create the lines. They are simple, unique, original and sensual.

I don’t think I got one complement the entire night at the party, but I didn’t care.  I felt like a million dollars. And, this dress made me feel sexy, sensual, and daring. The dress/top opens at the bottom, which if you weren’t wearing pants, would definitely create an embarrassing moment when your undergarments peeked through. Thus, the pants were necessary and just perfect.  I find it hard to believe that this was NOT how it was designed, and if so, I got SO lucky. I will treasure this always, and even more after it is altered.

My sandals are by Kenneth Cole. Again, very simple with only 2 straps. The slacks are about ankle length, which is the perfect length for this slightly edgy and sexy look.  I am Over Sixty, and I don’t mind for a minute when I wear something like this.  It is classic, sophisticated, sexy, sensual, and with the most creative design, Who needs a logo when this simple genius ensemble is magnificent?

It was after I bought this ensemble I sadly learned that Cushnie and Ochs are separating as a design team.  This truly breaks my heart because every fashion week in New York for the past 10 years, I couldn’t wait to see what their genius minds would create. Thank you Cushnie and Ochs for stirring my passions for so long, and I will truly truly miss you.  I look forward to what you can create separately and you know I will be watching!!