On Wednesday, November 14, Lyn Slater, the Accidental Icon, received an honorary degree from the Fashion Institute of Design (F.I.T.) in NYC. Lyn Slater is being recognized  for her impact and innovation as a fashion icon for women Over Fifty as well as  younger women. Her presence on social media and  mainstream media is unquestionably helping to shift the paradigm of how our culture views women Over Fifty.  (As you may know, I attended F.IT. this past summer. I received notice of this occasion and came to NYC a couple of days ahead of schedule so I could see her).  I sincerely admire Lyn and how she has not just reinvented herself, but how she  has almost created a new archetype. She is definitely breaking the negative connotations of the “Crone” archetype that is still so strongly embedded in our culture.

Presently, I am taking an Imaging Class on-line at F.I. T. from Professor Carol Davidson.  I ran in to Carol at this event. Even though the class is online we recognized each other immediately. She is just adorable. I love that jacket.

Quite a few people attended and it was fun mingling with all of the students and faculty from the school. There were, as you would expect, very fashionable and avant garde women in attendance such as this fabulous looking woman with bold hair and accessories.

Seeing Lyn up close and personal was such a treat. As a professor at Fordham University in Sociology, Lyn is quite an eloquent speaker in addition to her being beautiful and a style Icon.

Here Lyn is with the moderator, Ms. Strum, and the Dean of the College of Merchandising, who presented her with her degree.  Lyn is posing in a stance that I have begun to consider an expression of how she wants to be seen. She is creating a personna that soon will be unmistakable.

Of course, I had to get a photo of myself with Lyn.  I told her that I had been following her forever. I also wanted to tell her how exciting it’s been  watching her become a real “star” in the past couple of years, but there were other people waiting for a chance to speak with her, so I made it brief!! Maybe I’ll have another chance one day.

All in all, it was such a delight to hear Lyn speak.  She is so down to earth about all of the attention and admiration she is receiving. She mentioned on several occasions that it may all be gone tomorrow. I highly doubt that. She is at the right place at the right time, and her message echos of millions of women feeling the same way. It is time that our culture starts seeing the Over Fifty female demographic as invisible.

As real designers are sending Lyn clothing and putting her on the runway, she is doing a fabulous job at representing women Over Fifty.  She is not just someone trying to create an image or someone dressing up for attention.  She is an educated, thoughtful, and caring woman who is thinking about what she is doing, as well as having fun. She is also having a huge impact on how women Over Fifty are beginning to see themselves.  What an honor for me that I was able to witness her receiving this honor. She has truly earned it.