Welcome to out next makeover session with Rosalie. Spending 2 days with Rosalie, I have gotten to know her and she is such a lovely person.  How fortunate am I that I have the privilege to get to know someone so nice, and to watch her transform before my eyes.  The cosmetic company Senna, located in Southern California, https://www.facebook.com/sennacosmetics/ has studios throughout the area. So, here is our lovely Rosalie with no makeup at all. She is SO brave, I don’t think I could do this.

Our lovely makeup artist in Tarzana Ca., Jennifer, started with Rosalie’s eyebrows. Senna is known for their great eyebrow studios where they shape, tint, and sell great products for the eyebrows.  As we get older, our faces lose contrast, so eyebrows are very important to maintain.  You don’t want them too dark, but you should consider shading them in if you have mostly gray, or even tinting them.

The foundation applied to cover freckles and age spots was a full coverage blend since Rosalie was going to be in a Fashion Show!! Remember though, when buying Foundation, there should be some luminosity in the liquid. Luminosity deflects the light away from wrinkles. I will be doing a video about how I put on my makeup and I will give more tips then.  After that, Jennifer did they eyes.  Dark pencil was put on the Rosalie’s lower lid and eyeliner was put on the top lid.  Wait until you see her blue eyes pop!!

Jennifer also made the eyeshadow a bit smoky.  You are NEVER too old for a smoky eyelid.  You can also see a light shadow with lots of shimmer on the top lid.

And after about an hour in Jennifer’s expert hands, Rosalie came out looking so beautiful.  It convinced me that I need to go in next!!  What a gorgeous job and what a switch from from when we first met Rosalie.  Is she gorgeous or what?

There is not photoshopping of Rosalie’s face in either photo.  I did photo shop the background in the final photo so that it is black. This way you can see the true comparison.  Rosalie is ready for her closeup Mr. DeMille.