Fashion Over Fifty held it’s first contest for the lucky winner of a makeover.  The lucky winner is Rosalie, who lives about an hour and half outside of Los Angeles, so it worked out really well (because she didn’t mind driving!!) I was so excited to meet Rosalie because she told me how much her daughter had been bugging her to do “something” with her hair.  As it turns out, her daughter had already liked my Facebook page for her mom before Rosalie even knew about me, which is such a great coincidence. The weekend before this makeover I had been to the IMATS convention (International Makeup Artists Trade Show), so I picked up some goodies for a beginner’s incentive package.

Here is Rosalie.  Rosalie recently moved from Alaska, of all places, to Southern California.  There’s a big change in climate for you.  She was so excited to get started and so was I. We met at my hairdresser’s house.  My hairdresser of at least 10 years, is Alison Sassoon (no relation to Vidal). Alison used to work in big salons, but converted a room, and the laundry room into a beauty salon. 

So off we went inside to meet Alison with the gorgeous red hair!!  You can tell that she specializes in hair color, that’ for sure.  Rosalie and Alison discussed what they thought was best, while I looked on, Rosalie had been growing her hair out and wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. (You can see one of my  2 sons in this photo. Both were helping me out.)

Rosalie definitely needed a cut.  They also decided she could brighten up her color and give it a brighter feel. Rosalie was a very good sport because she trusted Alison, because I told her she could.  I guess that means she trusted me too.


Here is Rosalie before the Makeover begins!!!  Let’s get the show on the road!!

Alison is now using a NEW technique.  As long as I have been going to her, she has added highlights and low light with foil.  She now uses plastic wrap,and is called Balayage.  As Alison was working, I was trying to keep Rosalie entertained and giving her the plan for the next 2 days!!

Well, Alison is just about finished and I am really curious how this is going to turn out!!  It looks very interesting!!

After washing out the color, next came the cut.  Alison and Rosalie decided on a blunt sophisticated cut that is just Ageless Chic, as you will see. It’s a lot longer when it’s wet!!

Here it goes.  Rosalie has been growing her hair out for months. She has worn short hair most of her life, so she must be a little nervous getting it cut.  How brave!!   But, as my mom always used to say, “it’s just hair, it will grow back”.

How exciting.  Now we are getting to see it  cut and colored. Alison has done color and cuts on many celebrities in Hollywood.  In fact, when I am there sometimes, I meet them and even talk to them. They are regular people just like you and me.

Wow, it’s looking really full and beautiful.

Here we go from a side view!!

Alas, we see the finale from the back.  It looks gorgeous, don’t you think?

Voila, We have one happy Rosalie.  I don’t think Rosalie can tell how different it looks than when she first came in, but WOW.  Thank you Alison, you did a phenomenal job!!

Check it out Rosalie, you look like a new person, and we are only one day in.  Wait until tomorrow when we do the make up and fashion show!!

What do you think?  I would love your opinions!!!