Fashion Week in Palm Springs.

Cheryl Tiegs and Mariel Hemingway walk the Red Carpet!!

Every year one of my BFF’s from Grammar school meets me in Palm Desert
when she comes from the East Coast for vacation. We also meet up with another BFF from grammar school who happens to live in Ranch Mirage, Ca.

This week happens to be Fashion Week here, and we didn’t plan it either. Tonight we got free tickets from a friend of a friend, and it was so much fun.
The cocktail hour and red carpet were much more fun than the fashion show except for the big surprise!.

Rarely do you see so many beautiful women over 50 in the same spot. I was beyond ecstatic! It was hard to get as many photos as I would have liked because I can’t just snap and run. I like to tell each person the mission of the website, and why I have chosen them, which if course leads in to great conversations where I learn so much.

If you go on tony facebook page, you can see the beautiful women that I was able to capture. The photo quality is not to my liking but the logistics made it difficult to carry a camera. I hope you get the essence nonetheless.

The greatest thing happened in front of my eyes! It is my dream come true.
On the red carpet I happened to catch Cheryl Tiegs and Mariel Hemingway coming in. If you look at them on my FB page, you can see what wonderful figures they have. But, to my great surprise, at the end of the show, they actually modeled down the runway!!!!

The crowd was so excited to see them. After all, Cheryl Tiegs is a fashion icon! Icons are icons, no matter what age. It was great that they are still in such amazing shape, but just having them there was so important. For the older crowd, myself being one of them, they represent style and class and sophistication, which, frankly, is missing today.

So thank you Palm Desert for making the effort to bring these lovely women down to your Fashion Week. Seeing them I am willing to bet, made anyone over 50′s, night, if not week.