When the weather in Chicago, there is nothing better, especially on the Fourth of July, and for the mature woman Over Fifty, decisions on what to wear can be difficult. . Living in Chicago part time, I know how brutal these winters are.  When it’s nice out, the entire city comes outside and stays outside because they know in a few months that these moments are fleeting. Standing on the balcony of a building right across the street from the lake is the most beautiful view.  However, wearing jeans or long pants on a beautiful day somehow does not seem right.

As I have gotten older, the skin on my knees has begun to sag. That’s why you will always see me wearing hose, whether they are in style or not. The great shorts that fall a couple of inches below the knee are great.  The only companies I know of that make Bermuda shorts this long a AG (Adriano Goldschmeid) and Hudson’s.  If you go to eBay, you can probably find some that have been slightly worn and a lot less expensive.  My AG’s are called Malibu but I think they no longer make them. I found these great Hudson shorts at a store in NYC called Century 21. If you haven’t been there you must.  The prices are great.

Mature woman's style for the 4th of July

To the right, or South, is the Magnificent mile with all of the gorgeous high rises along with the view of Oak St. beach. The beach is packed with people, especially because it is the Fourth of July, and the weather is perfect. Not just for sitting outside for seeing fireworks.  Now finding a bathing suit if you want to go to the beach, is another challenge but that will have to be for another article.

To the North is the North Avenue Beach. During August, there is an Air Show here, and many of the stunts and impressive moves by the aircraft are done over this beach.

 I am also wearing a gold lame jacket from COS.  It gets breezy and cool when you are so high up and this very light weight jacket is just perfect.  The jacket is cotton with a very light metallic coating. If you are interested in purchasing it, the link here is the link.


This jacket is Ageless casual chic! No matter what your age, this is a winner.

And so, I have decided to sit down and enjoy the view until I leave for a party where we will watch the part from the deck on top of a high rise! And I know for sure, there will be a ton of Chicagoans there who not only love good weather, but who love to party.

These Hermes sandals are so comfortable for having a very little heel/

The fireworks occur at Navy Pier.  At Navy Pier there is an amusement park with lots of restaurants and shops for tourists to enjoy along with the beautiful Chicago lakefront.  If you have never been to Chicago, the architecture of the skyline is one of the best in the world. You must put this location on your bucket list.

And so, let the fireworks begin.  I hope you all had a great 4th of July.


Wendy Xo