Losing hair? Looking for excitement? Want a new look?  Just ask Beauty Specialist Lauren Niewoehne at Soft Surroundings about Hair2Care, and she will have you looking fabulous in no time!!

This first accessory hair piece is like a bracelet of hair. To some of you, it would be considered like a scrunchy.

Wendy Packer at Soft Surroundings

Lauren has pulled the sides of my hair into a pony tail in the middle of the back of my head. Here she is wrapping the extension around my own pony tail.

Wendy Packer with Hair2 Care

Voila, here is the new style. It looks like I have a ton of hair and it is really fun for a new look.  Just going out with the girls for lunch, or to a party.  It adds variety, the spice of life after all.  It is almost like wrapping a hair band around a pony tail it is that easy.

Another cute look, and really easy, is to wrap it around your own bun at your neckline like you see below.

Wendy Packer With Hair2Care

This is the second look you can get from another Hair2Care product.  It is a pony tail that you wrap around your own pony tail. First, you make a pony tail as Lauren has done here. with my hair.

Wendy Packer with Lauren at Soft Surroundings

Lauren has now just wrapped the pony tail extension around my own pony tail, and is blending my hair with the extension.

Voila, here I have a gorgeous  pony tail.  I would wear this to a formal event, it looks so glamorous.   I wish I could show you how easy it was for Lauren to do this, but we would have to make a video for that.  I still have some bangs from Hair2Wear that I haven’t demonstrated, so maybe I will have to make a video for that one!! https://www.softsurroundings.com/P/07847/&suggest=2/

So stay tuned, there are 2 more “additions” from Hair2Wear, and just maybe I will do a video to show you.  I am actually losing my hair in the front, so I may just need to use one of these in the future.  For now though, Lauren and I had a blast playing with these. I was also very honored  to be so  indulged and getting to try something I probably not have tried on my own. If you are in St. Louis, stop the Soft Surroundings store in Brentwood and ask for Lauren.  Better yet, call ahead and make sure she will be there. She will make you feel like a Queen for the Day too!!

Wendy Xox

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