Off to IMATS (International Makeup Artist’s Convention) I went on Jan. 12  to see what makeup tips I could learn for my readers, women Over Fifty.  There are 3 halls filled with make up, stylists, and naked women being drawn upon. If it is your first time there, you will definitely be in a little bit of a shock.

First off I went to a special lecture given by Gregory Alt, makeup artist for television. . Television and personal appearances require a knowledge of beauty make-up, trends and the ability to create a look that reflects a client’s personal style.  Gregory Arlt shared his experience building a career in the industry.  Along with discussing his technique, Arlt he also demonstrated red carpet and editorial looks. It was so much fun.

All throughout the 3 days of the convention there are demonstrations of all kinds of things. Above, to the left are 2 Instagram experts who have over 2 million followers each.  They gave good tips on how to build your Instagram page, most of which went over my head.  Oh, if only I knew what they knew. What I did learn, and what I do try to do, is be myself.  Instagram is not one of my favorite things to do, so it is hard for me to be anyone but me, which sometimes isn’t so great.  You can tell by the look on my face that I wish I were somewhere else.  Nevertheless, I must keep on because that is what bloggers do!!

Like I said, you will see some very strange things there as well.  Especially if you are Over Fifty, and you haven’t been exposed to the crazy conventions like Comicon, or others, your jaw will hit the ground. The woman below is essentially naked. Makeup artists have worked on her undoubtedly for hours to create this look.  I am not sure exactly what you call it. How is Eclectic?

The convention is also for real Hollywood make-up artists.  You see artists creating very interesting looks all over the place.  This look I found fascinating.  I hate horror movies.  This makeup looks so real that I could actually go up and look at it without shuttering. This is truly a talent.

The best part of the Convention for me was getting to meet Eve Pearl.  Eve is a five time Emmy winning makeup artist who has come out with her own makeup line.  In the photo below, she had just done a 5 minute makeover on me and I look pretty darn good. Ready for television!!! Eve gave great tips for women Over Fifty while doing my face.  She emphasized most that you must always brush “UP” no matter what you are putting on.  We all get that one, because gravity eventually gets to all of us.  In fact, you can purchase her kit if you go to her websiteall i

All in all, it was a great couple of 2 days and I learned a lot and brought home some things to try out.  So, if you see me with a little too much makeup, please contact me immediately.!!