This past show in December we had one of the most “gung ho” group of  models to date.  The camaraderie and collaboration among the women was so heart warming.  This should be a reality show because it demonstrates how women CAN actually support each other rather than what we see on other reality shows.

For those women who chose to pay for the entire week long program, it was intense. We started the first 3 mornings with runway classes. The runway was handled professionally and sensitively by non other than Mark David Carter.What he showed us was eye-opening.  Not many people realize that they are not standing up straight, with their shoulders back and their heart chakra open to the world.  The women learn this from day one, and ask any one of them, and they will tell you it’s exhausting. Oh yes, and your core must be engaged too. Try it for 5 minutes and get back to me.

IMG-0479 IMG-0086   best modeling

modeling class

Afternoons were filled with sessions to provide a comprehensive package of embracing the Divine Feminine in each of the women.  The first day we had hairstyling sessions from  the stylist, Diane Roberts, who helped each woman to visualize the best styles for their face shape. Several of the women made appointments and their styles were so becoming.

The second day we had sessions with the stylist and clothing rep for the brand Worth, Kathy Ochab. Kathy taught the women about the different types of body shapes and helped them define their own. From there, Kathy offered advice on how to style depending on the body type.  Kathy gave lots of examples and even tips how to organize your closet at home to maximize your wardrobe.


Day three, makeup sessions with Aga. At the time Lady GaGa was living in Chicago and Aga was doing her daytime makeup!!  We all perked up when we heard that. Everyone brought their makeup bags and Aga went through them, telling each woman individually whether the colors were correct, and how to apply.

 makeup class 7

IMG_0974 So, after a week of preparation, the models were ready for their close ups. Mr. De Mille!! The week was a busy one.  We also had sessions with a hair stylist and a clothing stylist who demonstrated to each woman how to dress for their body type. Then there were styling sessions with Stylist Extraordinaire, John Liptak, who can dress any woman Over Fifty in under 2 hours. Get ready for a great show to come!!