Soft Surroundings, is headquartered in St. Louis Missouri.  I was invited to visit their Flagship store located at 33 The Blvd. in Richmond Heights and I have to tell you it was such an honor and a treat.  The store is located in a little Mall-like area that is quaint and inviting.  In fact, the “Mall”  is reminiscent of a small town with just a few local stores and restaurants. Parking is also a breeze.

Jessica, the Senior PR specialist Lauren, the beauty specialist for Soft Surroundings, and myself, had a blast.  The store is not only beautiful, but it is filled with so many different kinds of items, you needn’t go anywhere else to shop.  I think they even carry lingerie.

The three of us started out by selecting some cute summer items for the woman Over Fifty. (I will be 64 in 2 weeks). I am literally wearing Soft Surroundings from Head to Toe.  This lovely peach top is perfect for those hot and humid summer days.  For the ladies who like to cover their arms, there are plenty of beautiful shawls to choose from as well, if you MUST. The sandals are sparkly with an ethnic feel,  another great way to have fun in the summer. These leggings are amazingly comfortable!!

The store not only carries wonderful clothing for ANY Age or Size, but also carries the most amazing furnishings and home goods. I am sitting on a great neutral settee, which lends itself to any style or color scheme you choose. The bed spread behind me is a great reflection of the founder’s world travels that have evolved into this great eclectic and fun amusement park of clothing, home goods, and even skin care and makeup. Notice how the bedspread matches my purse.  It took us hours to do this (not really)!!


Lauren, who works at this location was so excited to show me ALL of the things they carry.  For someone with ADD like myself, I was in heaven.  SHOW IT ALL TO ME ALL AT ONE TIME…. I LOVE THE STIMULATION!   Lauren had fun experimenting with the jewelry to see what might go best with my outfit,  and I was a very willing subject!

Below Lauren was so proud of a local author who wrote about how to empower yourself as a woman. Soft Surroundings also carries a lovely collection of handmade jewelry by  local artisans.  The necklace I am wearing is by a local artist and though hard to see, it was stunning. A definite statement piece.

Wendy Packer at Soft Surroundings

Stay tuned. This is just my first outfit, and there are more surprises to come.  You won’t believe the fun things there were to do in the store.  I could have been there for days!!!  Soft Surroundings has now opened 48 stores throughout the U.S. and is planning to open 15 more each year. If there is one near you, I highly recommend checking it out, you won’t regret it. The way they are expanding, there will probably be one near you soon.

Love,, Wendy Xox


Here are the links to what I am wearing