Who knew that Harper’s Bazaar had an Annual contest  where they painstakingly chose a model from the  decades of 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60.  What happened to 70 and 80?  Just wait until they reach that age, if they are lucky, and see how it feels to be ostracized because of age!! The event this year took place in London and was apparently very inspiring and regaled the five honorees whose abilities and personalities were as unique as their age groups. This article is truly grateful to these women for all of their efforts and celebrates their beauty inside and out. What follows is no reflection on them, it is only a critique of Bazaar magazine.

The Magazine’s beauty director, Alexandra Parnass calls  the competition her favorite franchise. Do I believe that? Of course not.  When do we ever see photos of the women in their 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s in their magazine other than this one Edition? Not only do we not see THEM in other editions, we barely see ANYONE over 40, and to find anyone over FIFTY ( ARGH!), other than Madonna (who has had more work done than the 405 freeway in Los Angeles)is almost impossible.  This contest is so hypocritical, I can’t stand it!!

Parnass commented: The women are chosen not just for their achievements, but for their attitudes. “They’re humans, you know? None of them are absolutely perfect head-to-toe, as none of us are. (Excuse me while I go throw up.) It really strikes you when talking to any of these women that they are truly not bothered by the little things in life.”  Doesn’t anyone else have to laugh at the hypocracy?  When do they ever show real women who aren’t photo-shopped perfectly? If none of us are perfect, then why don’t they have more “real life” models in the magazine other than just this one time every year?  Who does she think she is kidding?

Glenda Bailey, the Editor in Chief, said that the key to staying young is “that good spirit and energy and excitement-the curiosity of life.”  Then why aren’t there articles from leading experts in the field about this all the time?  Instead, why does she and the other editors choose women only in their teens, 20’s, and maybe 30’s as their models.  Why not show some real ” humans”, as Parnass puts it, who are excited and have a curiosity for life? Why not show some women who are actually role models, instead of putting people like Miley Cyrus on the covers?  

Bailey, touted as a superwoman juggling: motherhood, career advancement, friendship,
marriage and staying healthy says that :there are so many heads that come with the job of being a woman today.  At the same time, “it’s just about trying to get through it with a sense of humor, a sense of style and a sense of fun.”  Whatever she is taking, I want some of that.

Today, there are increasingly more studies about how women over forty, not even fifty, feel a sense of isolation and a feeling of being exiled from society and even from their femininity when reaching a certain age.  Our society is so youth-oriented, one would have to live in a cave not feel this. As a point, I will be posting on my home page some of the fashions that they have recommend for the different decades and how inappropriate they are.  No one at Bazaar even 
bothers to think about women over Fifty. 

Do I sound angry? Well, yes I am.  This entire contest is a Farce because these women are never seen again.  No one really really “human” with flaws is allowed in their magazine. It’s not the hypocrisy that makes me angry, it’s that I believe that there is some responsibility to society not to lie.  Not to lie that it’s a “sense of humor” that keeps you young.  This magazine and others like it pander to the fears of women about getting older!!! The media has so much power to do good and yet, I believe it is creating more dis-ease and dis-comfort for women that are getting older. 

What I say is, why not use models that are over 50, or 60, or even 70? Have you seen my Pinterest pages?  There are so many exquisite women in these age brackets    Have you seen Carmen D’orofice at 83?  I say to the editors Parnass and Bailey, look inside yourselves.  If you have daughters, or even if you don’t, do really want to be contributing to more isolation and discrimination in this world?  You are messengers of society, is this the message you really want to convey?