If you have been to Spain recently, then among the Zaras, Mangos, and Desinguals, you may have noticed some other Clothing stores you have never heard of.  There is Blanco, Stradavarius, and Hoss Intrepido, commonly known as Hoss. Just as Spain has it’s own beautiful and unique culture it now is developing its own designers, fashion, and style. Fortunately for their economy, this Spanish brand has now expanded throughout the world.

If you go on to their website, http://www.hossintropia.com/,  you will be shocked to find locations on almost every continent, and even in remote cities. It’s a wonder that when you look up Chicago in the United States, there is only one small boutique that carries it.  That is, up until now. As of this past year, Hoss is now in some Select Bloomingdales.

Recently, I was in Chicago and walking through Bloomie’s when the most friendly sales associate came up to me and started talking. (Not an uncommon occurrence in Chicago). Unfortunately, I have misplaced her card or I would give her special mention, because she was so helpful. She started to explain to me about Hoss, and was so excited about all of it’s features. It is known for its detailing, including beads and sequins. The prints are also unique but the styles are a bit more traditional. Surprisingly, many of the pieces are sophisticated and not that costly. Definitely not fast fashionoWe can definitely use this line in the U.S.

“Intropia” is a word that the company made up.  It is supposed to evoke the fusion of Introspection with Utopia. Unique enough. Another unique feature to this brand is that they specifically choose women as their models. They are not picked solely for their beauty, that’s a nice change, but for being the type of woman Hoss respects.  Hoss’s Mission Statement in choosing their models is as follows:

They are unique women and we choose them every season to represent the essence of our brand. Women with strong personality who stand out in their professions and are willing to fight to achieve their dreams. There is a section where you will find the Intropia of those women who have represented our brand. They have all left us an indelible mark.

The first thing the sales woman and I did was to go over to the evening gowns. The quality was lovely and the styling perfect for those OVER FIFTIES who don’t want to show their arms, or have other trouble areas. It is also seems like it might accommodate women who may be more on the Plus side.


This turquoise dress was beautifully beaded and ranged in the high $300.00’s.  That is not bad for a dress that is 100% beaded. It is a very loose fit, and in the right size and wouldn’t require strangulating your bowels with Spanx. It reminds me of  40’s elegance.

The soft green gown above with the silver beading is also fine quality and also looked “forgiving” for those trouble spots women OVER FIFTY sometimes have.  The beading at the waist and on the shoulders was the finest quality. Even though it is not tailored, it is still sophisticated.

Another customer came so I helped myself to a few more photos.

These pants had an elastic waist, always better for comfort and the print is really unusual. Made of silk, I was tempted to try them on, but Fall is coming up, and I need to save my pennies. The little purse on the mannequin is Fabulous.  Made of lamb’s leather, with stunning beading on the front, it could be worn with just about anything. What a great statement piece.  It was $185.00, but on sale, maybe not too bad.

This is not a great picture of this pretty car coat, but I just got a new camera, so that won’t be a problem anymore. Again, it is a somewhat boxy fit, good for OVER FIFTIES, but still stylish. The print is happy. The dress is youthful and sophisticated, sort of like Tory Burch, but much less money!!

Finally,  the picture below is not really for OVER FIFTIES, but it’s really cute and the style is original. The play of colors makes it feel like something you would take on vacation. Again, it has a happy feel to it!

Here are some of the styles coming up for Fall/Winter taken from their online catalog. If you like what you see, look it up online to see if there is a store near you. You might also take a look the next time you are at a Bloomingdale’s to see if they carry it. For Fall the line is much more subdued, but there is a monochromatic feel to it, staying in line with the sophistication that is in the Spring/Summer collection.