I received 2 sets of extensions.  One 12 inches and the other 16 inches.  The tricky part is you have to put the 12 inch extensions on first, which is a bit counter-intuitive. Then the 16 inch extensions go on top.  Of course, that does make sense.  Here we are about to put in the 12 inch extensions close to the bottom of my scalp.

Here the first layer of the Hair2Wear 12 inch extensions have been clipped in.  I could have done this myself, but it was easier having my helper from the Fashion Institute of Design, Pamela, do this. Many young girls today wear extensions, so for her this was no big deal at all.  There are 3 clips on each extension.  One on each end and one in the middle. The clips are very easy to snap shut.

Here you see the second layer of the Hair2Wear extensions clipped in,  If you look closely you will see the two different layers clipped in and ready to go.

Voila, here is the finished product!! The color of the extension match my hair so closely you can’t even tell where my hair ends and where the extension begin.

Even when I was young, my hair never looked like this!!  For some reason it never grew long either.  As you can imagine these were really fun!  So, I decided to go for it and sport clothes befitting of my youthful hairstyle.

Having some fun with some funky sunnies.

Having a bit of a late mid-life crisis wearing these extensions.