As a lover of hoops, I am so lucky to be able to feature the wonderful designs of Sheila Fajil, Famous Jewelry Designer for celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Kelly Osborne, and even Oprah – on her Oprah’s  List of Favorite Things. Sheila just KNOWS how to design.   Her styles  are light weight, comfortable, and do not just make a statement, but they MAKE the outfit.

Shiela’s unique pieces are eco-friendly, sustainably made and hand made, in Brazil. The quality you will see is beautiful, and the 18k gold  plating makes them look absolutely real through and through.  Who needs a heavy earrings anyway when they just stretch out your earlobe and no one can tell the difference?

Wearing this classic look of elegant black and white, with a just a pop of red, something is needed by the face. The V-neck of the blouse leads your eye up to the face where the earrings add the perfect complement to this  simple but sophisticated  style. No wonder they are called “Everybody’s favorite“.

I also wore Everybody’s Favorite in the picture below. The perfect complement to a black turtle neck is a gold hoop.  I have literally been wearing this look since high school. Not surprisingly, this is called the “Smaller Everybody’s Favorite Hoop”.  Hoops are simple, refined, and nothing else is needed when you have a gorgeous pair like these. As you can see, I am definitely Over Fifty, but I think you are never too old for a hoop, and they also give a more youthful feel to this plain black turtleneck.

Dress them up or dress them down. The reason hoops are so popular is their versatility. Wearing a simple white shirt and jeans, this pair of “Elisa”  hoops adds a nice pop of gold to liven it up a bit. Never be afraid to be simple. Less is more. One statement piece like these earrings is all you need to create a put together look!!


Not a subtle look wearing my red leather moto jacket below. I chose these smaller “Chantal” hoop  earrings because they are on the smaller side, yet thick enough to be seen.  Again, this shows that you can wear hoops with just about everything, even your pajamas if you happen to be going to a pajama party!!  Seriously, there is NOTHING I can think of short of a Ballgown that you can’t wear with hoops. Here I chose to add another touch of gold with the necklace, but the earrings could have easily stood alone.

Now these are fun – the 18K Plated Alexi Hoop. With a bit more of a modern feel, you can wear these as a whimsical accent. With jeans, or modern styled ensemble, these add a youthful and adventurous touch. You can not believe how light weight they are.  When you are holding them it is hard to know they are in your hand. So for a an easy breezy touch of flair these are a great addition for weekend fun.


These  gold leaf and resin Amazon earrings are fun for an outfit calling out for some attention. These neutral colors definitely need a kick and these lightweight earrings with an earthy tone complement the ensemble but add that certain touch.

Last but not least, in fact, I saved my favorite for last.   The largest hoop of all makes the greatest statement. In this all black Cushnie and Ochs ensemble, ALL that was needed was the hoops! The neckline is gorgeous and nothing else is needed. No more is needed to be said.

Just so you know, Sheila Fajil,  does NOT just design hoops.  She makes a variety of great other designs that are fabulous. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, you name it. Check out her other styles like these, and see for yourself, you won’t believe how they are reasonably priced.



Only $58 for the Cabana Necklace Below (I just ordered it)!



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