On Thursday September 28, 2016, Eileen Fisher did the right thing. Eileen had the courage to admit that her fashions are meant for Over Fifty women. Very few designers have admitted this, and have stayed away from us like the plague.  However, on this momentous day, Over Fifty blogger, Lyn Slater appeared at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC as a panelist to discuss fashion and Fall fashion. Along with Lyn, one my favorite bloggers, Leandra Medine of  Man Repeller, was also there as a panelist. This really is so spectacular that an Over Fifty woman is being recognized with a “young” blogger like Leandra. This  meeting of the bloggers helps give our demographic some real credibility and it acknowledges our existence not only to US, but also to the younger generations.  Please designers, younger people need role models to look up to so that they don’t try to cling on to their youths so desperately.  Unfortunately, we see this too much today. leandra1 Above you see two representatives from Eileen Fisher on the left and Leandra and Lyn on the right. eileen-2 If you have been blogging as long as I have for women Over Fifty, you would be so frustrated at the dearth of anything fashion related when it comes to our demographic. So, seeing Leandra and Lyn sitting next to each other makes me want to jump for joy!! leandra-2 Lyn and her blog, Accidental Icon, are known for having a gothic feel.  In almost all blog photos, Lyn is wearing black along with dark sunglasses.  Here we see her in neutral colors and without her shades. She is just as pretty as I thought she would be, now that we can really see her.   Lyn was a professor for many years. At the age of about 60, she started taking photos of herself in her gothic attire, which evoked both mystery and intelligence.  Talk about reinventing yourself.  What a genius, creative, and fun way to do it. In doing so, she also garnered attention from the media and from other bloggers. This night was a great testament to all of the hard work and great creativeness that Lyn put in to her new persona. I am personally so proud of this woman who reinvented herself so beautifully. What a great role model for all women, that we are not over when we hit Fifty.  In fact, for many of us, we are just getting started. leandra I had to include this photo of Leandra because I have admired her also.  Though she is young, she is intelligent, and most of the time, presents very important and topical issues, along with the fashion. Her fashion has gotten a bit “out there” in the past year, which is somewhat disappointing to me because so many young girls look up to her.  The words sophistication and elegance do not resonate with this generation, sadly. Nonetheless. Leandra is great.  At fashion week I was so close to getting a selfie with her, but she didn’t seem to be in a great mood, so I let her be!! I am so sad though. eileen-6 A fashion show then ensued. The designs were meant to be for Under Fifties and Over Fifties, it appeared.  I call them Uni-generational!!  I would like to know what the younger generation thought of these clothes, because in all honesty, Eileen Fisher’s clothing has been targeting Over Fifty women since it began.  It’s just that no one wanted to admit it.  eileen1 Needless to say, there is something that must appeal to each generation in this show.  If nothing more than just basics.  A dress with pants would be such a great solution for so many women Over Fifty who don’t want to show their knees, arms, neck, etc. However, as of yet, this trend has not taken off.  Maybe this Spring it will.  Let’s see. eileen This above outfit has a nice feel to it, to me anyway.  It’s not my style, but the proportions are right and the colors blend well.  It is a casually sophisticated look that some Under Fifties and some Over Fifties might like. You can’t please everyone now, can you?  Well, this night should please all Over Fifty women because Eileen Fisher did a really good thing for all generations. She brought us out from behind the granny aprons that society still thinks we wear. NOT SO ANYMORE!!!   Wendy  Xox