It has been a few years since her iconic ‘One Million Years B.C.’ performance in 1966, but Raquel still looks amazing for a lady of 72.
 Although she’s not modeling for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue anymore, Cheryl still looks great at 64.
Ann-Margret is a show-biz veteran whose career spans five decades with starring roles in everything from ‘Bye-Bye Birdie’ to ‘Grumpy Old Men,’ but it’s still hard to believe that the gorgeous actress is 71.

You’d never guess that this lovely redhead is 62. 

Private Benjamin is 66. Deal with that too.

Murphy Brown is 66. We know, right?

Sandra Dee is 63. That rhymes.

The ‘Charlie’s Angels’ stars are 61 and 66, respectively.

Dolly is still the cute Queen of Country Music at age 66.

The Flying Nun is 65 and does commercials for arthritis medicine. But she’s still cute as a button!

The well-known liberal activist and star of films like ‘Dead Man Walking’ looks fabulous at 65. Maybe that’s why she has attracted the attention of a thirtysomething ping pong entrepreneur. No seriously, that’s a real thing.

Streep received an honorary Doctor of Arts degree from Harvard University in 2010 – and in her commencement gown, Meryl looks almost young enough to be a college student herself. Hard to believe she is 63 years old!

She’s 67 and still looks good in a bikini. Weird.