What to wear to an Evening Party when you don’t really want to get dressed up? My very well dressed friend lent me her fancy Gucci tunic, on her, but dress, on me.  It is all silk and feels almost like pajamas. It is a loosely fitting shift, so NO shape wear needed!! Do you dread going out fancy because you know how much effort it will take to get dressed? Putting on shape wear is like a work out at the gym.  And no matter how thin you are, there are always little bulges that pop up somewhere you never even thought of.  Thinking about having to wear shape wear can really ruin a night.  So, an invite to a cocktail party and cocktail attire required, no problem.  This dress, if we could all afford it, is the answer to your dreams.  95475d3d8f7248f09501ffe8ec17586d The neckline and the sleeves have lovely frills dropping like willows to add to the flowery and ephemeral feel of this dress.  So, it isn’t just a plain shift dress (which isn’t always inappropriate), but it has detailing that makes it more interesting and feminine. The floral print matches the decor of the event as well!!  Who knew I would match? 215f459315e8482a84a014ae85b79db1 For artistry’s sake, I had to grab a flower, making the theme of this article definitely about flowers. I wish I knew the language of flowers (it’s really true), but I don’t.  There really are rules about what flowers to send when, it is called floriography, my computer never even heard of it because it is telling me in red that it is mis-spelled. Look it up if you don’t believe me. We all know that red roses mean intense romantic love, and here I am holding a white flower. Of course I looked it up. Did you know white flowers suggest virtue and chastity?  Neither did I.  One  thing is for sure, we all love flowers and if you want to read a really good book “The Language of Flowers” by Venessa Diffenbaugh, it is a great story worth the read. ed3baf2655224f2b9646284858bacf4d So the next time you have to wear cocktail attire and it just seems overwhelming, remember shift dress,  so you won’t need for shape wear!! Oh yes, and comfortable shoes, but that is a whole other article.    (By the way, I, like many Asians, do not have the enzyme to break down alcohol. So, drinking alcohol literally makes me feel sick. Hence, the empty wine glass! I am a cheap date so they say)   Wendy Xox