There are Some Great Bargains in Midtown Manhattan

Have you been following the accessories this spring? Dior has a necklace with only two “pearls” on it the size of golf balls. Obviously not real pearls. so I guess the effect is what Karl Lagerfeld is going for.

Along the Avenue of the Stars in Midtown there are a ton of stores with semi precious gems if you like to make you own jewelry, which I do.

However, if you travel a bit more toward downtown to the “Watch District” you will find lots of stores with great fake jewelry, probably from China. The necklace you see on me, along with the earrings, were a total of $14.95. Probably wouldn’t wear the earrings with the necklace, but for purposes of demonstration, you can see all that you get. The bottom photo is of a three stranded necklace originally I was going to take them apart and try to copy Chanel’s latest accessory that is a necklace with only one pearl at the end of a metal neck piece. Or as you can see from the photo, lots of obviously not real pearls were used in fun ways that I was thinking of making, but just never got around to it.

Moral of the story: Ask any local where the watch district is. (The area where everyone gets knock-off designer watches for nothing!!). Around that area are lots of stores that carry great accessories for SO inexpensive, it feels like Christmas when you walk out. You can buy birthday presents, holiday presents or just a present because you like someone. If Karl Lagerfeld can do it, so can you!!