Carine, 59, has done more in her life than most. Her start came by luck when she was noticed by a photographer’s assistant on the streets of Paris. At 18, she was asked to model. She did not last as a model for very long before she started to freelance as a stylist and writer for Elle France. In 1990, she met the photographer Mario Testino and the two went on to collaborate for years to come.

From 2001-2011 she was Editor-In-chief of Vogue Paris. In 2001, she earned the coveted and highly revered position of Editor-In-Chief of French Vogue. This position she held with great esteem until 2011. During that
time, Mario and Carine collaborated on some of the most historic and evolutionary fashions of all time in both Vogue and French Vogue.

Carine and Mario

In the mid-1990’s, Tom Ford asked Carine to help him revive the struggling Gucci brand. Initially, she refused, but later, both Carine and Mario stepped in to help. Roitfeld’s influence helped create a very stylized 70’s provocative line.
It was dubbed “porno chic”, but Carine preferred the term “erotic chic”.

Gucci circa 2000
In 2004 Ford left Gucci and Missoni then recruited Carine. Again, Carine had the Midas touch, with Missoni recreating its brand. Roitfeld’s touch was what she liked to call ” a bit of sex…there must be a bit of provocation.”

Missoni on Vogue Photographed by Testino

In 2001, Conde Nast Chairman, Jonathan Newhouse asked her to take over as Editor-In-Chief of French Vogue, which she did. she reigned supremely during her stay until 2011. Carine was not afraid to experiment, and many of her experiments worked. During her tenure at Vogue, revenue increased almost 10 percent and circulation 27 percent.

Carine in 2010
Since leaving Vogue, Carine has not lost a beat with her flair and influence in the world of fashion. She currated a book, Irreverant, that featured images from her favorite fashion shoots where she was taking her own photos.

 Carine most recently was the “star” in the movie so aptly named ,” Mademoiselle C”. The film is directed by Fabian Constant and is about Carine’s’ next journey which is the launching of her own fashion magazine “CR Fashion Book”.  Does this woman ever stop?  It also chronicles her position as Editor-In-chief at Vogue Paris.  Basically, the movie features every and any person who was famous in the fashion industry including models, designers and photographers. 

As a personal aside, I was in New York the earlier part of this month, January.  I was browsing through the Sale rack on a really COLD day. I looked next to me and this very thin and ultra chic (hard to do in really COLD weather) woman, with the coolest Down jacket and spike-heeled boots was standing next to me. I knew I knew her from somewhere, and before I had the chance to tell her how much I admire, worship, and adore her, she was gone. Too bad.