If you are Over Fifty, and like me, you scan through the catalog for Soft Surroundings and love just about everything you see. The past 2 weeks have been glorious weather in the Midwest.  I feel guilty in light of what Florida is going through, however, we must get dressed.  For many women Over Fifty, it seems they feel self conscious when they show any part of their body, which I think is a sad commentary on what is going on in society toady. I call it the “National Enquirer syndrome” which blows up every bit of cellulite if you happen to be a celebrity sitting on the beach.  It’s time that women rebel against this nonsense. If you have a great asset, flaunt it.

This gorgeous coral criss cross top features my best assets, my shoulders and my thin arms, though I still insist you don’t have to have thin arms to wear sleeveless as long as it is tasteful. https://www.softsurroundings.com/p/day-in-the-sun-tank/  This top is paired with Cropped white jeans, also from Soft Surroundings.

This criss cross top is really elegant. With a great necklace, you can really make it look special.  With a black maxi skirt or even a pencil skirt, I can see wearing out to dinner on a Saturday night and feeling great.

The City of Chicago on a warm Indian Summer day is like being in heaven. For the mature woman Over Fifty, like me, it’s a last chance at rocking some summer wear!!

This Fall, short pants are going to be very popular in the Fashion World. Women Over Fifty seem to be resistant to this new style on my Facebook page, Fashion Over Fifty. However, any mature woman can make the shorter pant look very stylish, especially with a gladiator type sandal like these by Ralph Lauren.  The gold makes a nice statement, doesn’t it?

A staple in every Over Fifty woman’s wardrobe is the maxi dress. On those days when you can’t figure out what to wear, nothing beats it.

A great end of summer look is the maxi dress.  Is there a woman Over Fifty who doesn’t like a maxi dress?  For those who were hippies, it never went out of style. For those who don’t like showing their legs, it’s perfect. For those who like to be comfortable, it doesn’t get more comfortable than this. For someone wanting to have a transitional piece in their wardrobe, as they say, you can dress it up or you can dress it down. This Riley dress by Soft Surroundings meets all of the above.  https://www.softsurroundings.com/p/santiago-dress/ .   Adding a complementary metallic necklace is also a must to finish the look. https://www.softsurroundings.com/p/lots-of-layers-necklace/

The backdrop of the Chicago skyline on this gorgeous Indian Summer day helps make anything look good, but honestly, this dress is a necessary staple for every Over Fifty woman for those days when you can’t decide what to put on.

And don’t forget to look at the great assortment of sandals that Soft Surrounding imports from all over the world. I get more complements when I wear these sandals. Enjoy these last few days of warm weather as it seems the nights are getting cooler.


Love, Wendy Xox