The LAGEN LOOK is from Germany.  It entails lots of layers, styled in a way that is unique to each woman. Many women who are PLUS sizes like the look because it is “blousy” and loose. The right accessories make each woman look like a unique piece of art.

Other women, on the other hand, don’t like the look because they think it makes them look heavy. The clothes are bulky and it is a lot to carry off unless you are very tall and thinner. The key, I think, is not to add too many pieces together, or then it looks a bit “clown-like”.

The dress I am wearing is by Tulip, a company that is known for it’s LAGEN-Like look. My size is smaller than average so you wouldn’t think a big and loose dress would look good. But, as seen here, it can look really cute. The length is great, just mid-knees and almost below, and it is so comfortable. Literally, it’s like wearing pajamas.

I am wearing a T-shirt underneath because the arm holes come down a bit too low. When I wear it, I get so many complements. A long necklace would add a nice touch and give a really “artsy” feel but necklaces have always felt too much for my petite size.

Here are a couple of REAL LAGEN LOOK outfits. These are the classic look and as you can see, they are quite unique.

Personally, these outfits would be too much for most women to carry off. One piece of each outfit would look great. For example, the tops on both outfits are very cute. However, with the big pants, it is easy to see how someone would look very BIG.  If someone is on the PLUS side to begin with, it’s just too much fabric!!

From the feedback I get on Facebook, at Fashion Over Fifty, most women do not like this look. Several of the Fabulous Fashionistas wear this look and most women find them somewhat of a caricature of older women.

The key is to have fun, but to stay chic. If you were to wear the blousy pants, a more tailored top would look better. Even if you are PLUS size. Or, either of the tops with a more tailored pant would be much more stylish.

Some nice stores that carry the Lagen Look are Bryn Walker, Layered, Jana, and Kati Koos. The stores are not located throughout the United States, but they all have on line shopping. If you are interested in websites, just message me, and I will send them too you. You might want to try and Google them first.

What do you think?  Your opinions are welcome.  Remember have fun with your clothes but you don’t want to overdo a good thing!!!