It’s summer. After this past winter, the worst in many places, nothing feels more like summer than
Silk and Floral Prints. Nobody does it better than Johnny Was. This morning I received a notice on Facebook that a 20% off sale was starting. Errands had me near Santa Monica where there is a Johnny Was store. The greatest thing ever-.BOTH sales associates were OF’s (over fifties). That scores big points with me. Another great thing about their line is that almost everything is Ageless!

So, today was a field trip day. Off to see the lovely sales associates at Johnny Was

This is beautiful Emily, a stylist and costume designer along with being a Sales Associate. Boy is she busy. Notice how chic she is with her matching Tory Burch shoes.

Then there is Tammy, who is another lovely and so put together Sales Associate. Notice how her scarf and tunic match. The possibilities with this combo are endless.

You could wear the skirt as a belt, as a shawl, wrapped around as a skirt, you name it. Such a comfortably chic way to do warm summer days.

Then, there’s me! Wearing my favorite Capri jeans by Adriano Goldshmeid. You can find these ” ex-boyfriend Capris on eBay all the time. I have them in a couple of sizes depending on the look I am going for. The tunic is a few seasons old Johnny Was. It’s so cool, it’s great on warm days!!

Then, the hard part. Which scarf to choose. Each one is more beautiful than the next. So, I chose the easy route. Navy blue to blend with the jeans. Navy blue and turquoise are so great together. The scarves are usually $86.00, but they are on sale For 20% off making them about $70.00. Not bad for such a large beautiful all silk scarf!!

Here are just a few other Johnny Was things on sale for 20% off. They also carry Plus Sizes.
If there isn’t a store near you, you can order online at JohnnyWas.com